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11.30.2009 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
He’s got a way with words

I love newspapers (being a newspaper reporter myself), but I’m not that into cars. Conventional cars, that is. I don’t routinely read what’s produced by automotive reporters. With one exception — Dan Neil of the Los Angeles Times. There are good reasons why he won a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism

11.26.2009 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
A Smart Decision by Daimler

I’ve had a “thing” for Daimler’s little Smart car since my trip to Paris in 2006 where I observed that the avenues were lined with legions of diesel Smarts. Since then, the appealing miniature perfection of the snobbish little automotive beast has simply turned my head and turned me on.

11.24.2009 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Plug-in Fever Hits Ohio

I was super surprised about a month ago when my brother-in-law from Ohio called to ask if I knew anything about the 3Prong Power conversion kit for Prius vehicles. I hadn’t been keeping up with conversion kit technologies, so I couldn’t give Francis any feedback. Instead, he proceeded to tell

11.24.2009 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Charged with Thanks

‘Tis the week to be thankful, so let me count the ways… – Being part of the EV movement in the past 7 years has been a feast of rib-sticking satisfaction with exciting dishes of controversy. See Who Killed the Electric Car for details. – I am thankful for my

11.19.2009 - by Marc Geller
Two new EV initiatives formed

Two items caught my attention this week. Plug In America has a new ally with the announcement of the creation of the Electrification Coalition. The goal of this high-powered group of corporate executives is nothing less than the complete transformation of our transportation sector, one in which electricity plays the

11.19.2009 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Oceans of CO2

What does Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have to do with the global adoption of electric transportation Reduction of CO2 emissions, that’s what. The unfortunate fact is that the Barrier Reef has an abysmal 50 percent chance of surviving if carbon dioxide emissions are not cut a minimum of 25 percent

11.17.2009 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Plug-in Electric Vehicles Have Wide Appeal

Sometimes I find myself meeting people who don’t believe that global climate change is human induced, yet they are huge fans of plug-in electric vehicles. This sort of encounter happened a couple of weeks ago when I sat in on a large investor gathering to get the “pitch” on the

11.14.2009 - by Zan Dubin-Scott
EVs, Suits and Swag

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, at podium addressing suits, beside LEAF show car Maybe it was the number of suits in attendance. Maybe it was the swag, modest as it was. Maybe it was the catered lunch. Sheesh, no one even got arrested. Yep, a number of factors made the launch

11.12.2009 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
A “Peak” Into the Future – Not So Pretty

As if we needed anything more to worry about, we read today in The Guardian that the U.S. has pressured the International Energy Agency (IEA) to lie about the level of worldwide oil reserves. Ostensibly, this was done because revealing the true level of reserves would cause a financial panic

11.12.2009 - by Marc Geller
Reva to bring new electric car to Iceland

Reva, the Indian electric car company best known for the G-Whiz in England, has signed a deal to bring their new product to Iceland with sales beginning within a year. The NXG and NXR, revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show recently, have a Th!nk City-like footprint, 100 mile range and