The signs of an EV future


The signs of an EV future

As regular drivers, you’ve all seen signs along the highway pointing you to gas stations, food, and lodging. Now, you’ll be able to locate EV charging stations in the same way, using highway signage. Recently, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) updated the national manual on what kind of signage can be added along highways across the country. Notably, the new signage helps to ensure that EV drivers and EV-interested consumers are easily able to locate charging stations the same way that gas vehicle drivers can.

With EVs growing in popularity, the new signage will help to raise awareness about existing EV infrastructure among drivers of all kinds. And, the new signing can guide EV users directly to charging stations (as shown in the image above.) Like gas stations, not every EV charging station has (or will have) corresponding signage. This means that there are more EV charging stations than meets the eye.

One of the most asked questions we field at Plug In America is about where and how EV users can charge their vehicles. Luckily, this includes many locations: home, work, grocery stores, or on the go for long-distance travel. This new signage will especially help EV drivers locate charging stations on road trips. What’s more, these signs will help improve range confidence for current EV drivers and other interested consumers during travel along our roadways. With the rollout of more charging stations across the country, this new signage will help ensure EV users are aware of charging and can easily access stations. 

This signage can also help guide how to leverage your time while your car is charging–grab a bite to eat, make a rest stop, or do some shopping!

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