Speak up today for EV charging equity!
07.20.2022 - by Vanessa Warheit
Speak up today for EV charging equity!

Exciting news! Right now, we have a key opportunity to ensure equity for residents of apartments and condos in the next CALGreen building code cycle. Speak up today if you agree that California’s multi-family residents – who are more likely to be low-wealth, BIPOC, and/or more burdened with air pollution – deserve the same access to affordable and convenient at-home electric vehicle (EV) charging that residents of new single-family homes have enjoyed since 2015!

The CA Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is taking comments through August 1st on the intervening CALGreen code cycle. Help us to flood HCD’s inbox with thousands of emails urging them to ensure access to EV Ready charging for every new multi-family unit with parking!

Here’s how to help (do one or both):

  • If you are an individual: Take 30 seconds now to send a letter to HCD. Feel free to edit and make it your own, or just hit send! Deadline: August 1 by 5pm Pacific.
  • If you represent an organization: Very important: Take 1 minute to add your organization to the EV Charging For All Coalition sign-on letter to HCD. Even if you have signed onto our previous letters, please fill out this simple Google form to sign onto this new letter. Deadline: July 28 at noon Pacific.
  • If you have any questions: Contact evchargingaccess@gmail.com.

With your support, we can show HCD that a strong and growing coalition of EV, equity, public health, labor, environmental justice, and climate advocates wants them to ensure charging equity for California’s apartment and condo residents. Demand justice for all and action commensurate with the public health and climate crises we are facing.

Thank you for speaking up today!
Linda, Allis, Dwight, Guy, Jared, Marc, Michelle, Sven, and Vanessa for the EV Charging for All Coalition!

P.S. Our EV charging equity bill will be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on August 3. Once the Assembly returns from recess in August, we’ll reach out to you again with more ways to support SB1482!

9 comments on “Speak up today for EV charging equity!”
  1. Anup says:

    Having worked for both ChargePoint and SemaConnect, with a deep focus exclusively on multifamily communities, I am well prepared to help all communities with getting EV charging stations on-site. Please consider reaching me at http://www.PangeaCharging.com My business personally has already helped communities in San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, Richmond (VA) and Silver Springs (MD).

  2. Diana Cooley says:

    We need to make it easier for individuals to be able to own an electric vehicle. All multi-unit residences should have charging stations in their parking area for all EV owners. All new building permits should require their installation.

  3. Anne Baldinger says:

    Please require new multi -dwelling buildings like mine to provide charging stations for EV’s. I have a plug in hybrid EV and must drive to one of the few public charging stations around.

  4. Joao Delgado says:

    I had a Rav 4 all electric. I would like to get a new one

  5. Doug Brentlinger says:

    Please make sure that everyone has access to a charge port for an EV. More importantly, require any electrical upgrade has to add 10 or 20 EV charge plugs.

  6. Leslie Thelen says:

    This is essential for America move forward against climate change.

  7. Nancy B Chandler says:

    I am on the Energy Committee for my town of Topsham, Me. We are planning to use state resiliency grants to provide public charging, for a fee, at the town library as well as a free phone and computer solar powered charger. We may consider submitting an ordinance for two adoption, that requires all new parking lots or parking lot expansions to have a percentage of parking spaces with fee based electric car chargers,

  8. Ulrich Alsentzer says:

    the sooner the better

  9. Gerald R Bielfeldt says:

    EV Charging stations should be made avaiable for multi-unit resident homes that do not provide single or double private garage space If general garage space availablle an electriclal outlet should be established at each parking space so residents can hookup there own charger for triciale charge for overnight parking

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