We love our motor city marvels – David V.

David V.

My next-door neighbor Matt is a car guy. He was intrigued by my 2013 Chevrolet Volt Premium, purchased used in 2015. When I was overseas last summer he drove it for me once a week or so to keep it in good running order. He thoroughly enjoyed it and said that perhaps when his aging luxury performance sedan gives up the ghost, he’d consider buying one. Fast forward one month: He is on the road out of state when his car breaks down. It’s bad, and the cost to repair was too much given the car’s value. He checked in to a local hotel. As luck would have it, there was a nice certified pre-owned 2013 Volt Premium on a Chevy lot just eight miles away from where he was staying! The car was pristine and also happened to be a terrific deal. Matt bought it immediately and drove it home to Nebraska. It is identical to mine in every way – both were even built in the same month! (April of 2013) What are the odds? Now we enjoy confusing our neighbors with our identical Volts. We love our Motor City marvels!

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