The best car I’ve owned – Jim C.

Jim C

I have been a car guy for most of my life. The first car I bought was a used MGB. Back in the day, it was the sports car I could afford. I loved that car, despite the fact it was the least reliable car I have ever owned, because it was fun to drive. I also have owned a 240Z (the original Z car), a Mercedes Benz, and a 911 Porsche. Up until a few months ago, the Porsche was easily my favorite car. German engineering at its best.

It was all good until I got my Tesla Model 3. I bought it to support the move to EVs. I didn’t know what I was getting into. The Model 3 is now the best car I have ever owned. It is also the most fun car I have ever owned, bar none. In addition to having the best acceleration by far, it is also is maneuverable and fun to drive. So if you are thinking of an EV, especially a Tesla, think FUN! You are giving up nothing to save the planet. You are gaining the best car you have owned.

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