Early Adopter – Marc F.

Marc F

I always liked the idea of an electric car. I guess you’d call me an early adopter. I joined a local EV club in the 90s to try and learn from folks who had converted a car to electric.

Back in 1995, if you could find an EV to buy, it was most likely a conversion, so I decided to convert a 1983 VW Rabbit to electric. I’ll never forget the day my conversion was ready to test drive. I drove it straight to the California SMOG exemption office to get my certificate. It could only go 40 miles on a charge. The 16 lead-acid batteries weighed 1100 lbs and it could go from 0 to 60 mph in 5 minutes! It was my only vehicle for 18 months.

Fast forward to 2009 when Nissan announced the new LEAF, I just couldn’t wait to drive one. After a test drive, I got on the waiting list to get one and waited until May 2011 to drive my new LEAF off the dealer lot. It is still my favorite car of all I’ve owned. It is emissions-free, smooth, and maintenance-free. I can’t imagine owning a gas-fueled vehicle (or garden tool) again.

Newer EVs have longer ranges which make longer trips more convenient. Try test-driving an EV, you’ll love it and you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy (or lease) an EV sooner. And if you’re thinking about an EV, think about solar too, if you haven’t yet.

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