My first EV – Andrew R.

Andrew R

My name is Andrew and I drive a Tesla Model 3, the best car ever made. Prior to owning this car, I was quite interested in EVs, especially Tesla, but not as interested as I am today. Now, I’m in love. Not only do I believe Tesla is changing the automotive industry for the better, but other companies producing EVs are making a strong impact as well. The benefits of owning an EV wholly outweigh any benefits of owning an ICE vehicle, of which there are barely any.

Yes, I am young, really young. I’m probably too young to own a Model 3. But, I’m living proof that these cars are for everyone, in any age group. Any parent or guardian looking to purchase a car for their children should strongly consider a Model 3. They are the safest cars ever tested with a 5-star safety rating in all categories, according to the NHTSA, they have a plethora of safety features (i.e. the car will put itself into the center of the lane if it detects the car begins to drift outside of the lane), and, obviously, can save you thousands of dollars on gas, depending on how much your child drives. If a Model 3 isn’t what you’re looking for, there are plenty of alternative EVs that should be considered.

I strongly believe that the purchase of an ICE vehicle is a waste of money. My car, Legend, changed my life for the better and I plan on only driving Teslas from here on out.

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