eGolf – Alex J.

Alex J.

My transition to an electric vehicle was a big step. Over the last 20 years, I’d driven performance-model VWs, 1991 Jetta GLI, 1997 GTI VR and 2004 VW R32. I’d been following Tesla for a while and loved their philosophy. I was also tired of filling up my R32 every week and a half. I wanted something that looked great AND had premium performance, so when VW and BMW joined the EV world, I took notice.

I set aside a weekend to drive all the EV models available in my area, and I ultimately chose Volkswagen’s e-Golf.

Since then, I’ve managed to convince several people to make the switch to drive electric. There are now nine e-Golfs at my work. In fact, co-workers stumbled across my blog – – while doing their own research, only to realize this later when they spotted my “Voltzwagen” in my garage and made the connection. In fact, several eGolf owners have contacted me for the fender decal (which I designed) so now there are ½ dozen EV drivers around the world with the same decal.

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