From owner to seller – Lorena W.

Lorena W

We want to create a better, greener future for the generations to come and we firmly believe EVs are a big answer to this problem.

They’re not only efficient, environmentally friendly and good-looking cars, but they’re also extremely enjoyable to drive! We decided to create the first ever electric car rental company in Australia.

It hasn’t been easy: from not being able to find an insurer for the rental fleet, to then having to pay double for the insurance (because of “the risk”)… But no matter what comes our way, we’re committed and proud to say we’re helping to spread the word about electric vehicles.

We find there’s a lot of myths out there about EVs, but once people test-drive they understand the cars are not a dream…they are a reality!

Change is coming. It might be slow, but we want to be a part of it. We want to make a difference. Cheers from Down Under!

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