Top 10 reasons – Jim T.

Jim T

Top 10 Reasons I Like Our Electric Car

1. No emissions! This leads to good feelings (for anyone conscious of environmental issues).
2. No oil changes, and no oil drips on the garage floor. I tend to keep cars for years, and the multiple seals and gaskets do not last forever, as my previous cars demonstrated.
3. Can fill with clean hands and no fuel drips below filler. We never have a spill of electrons to wipe up, the fuel doesn’t smell and it’s cheap!
4. I can laugh about smog checks, which used to be a real bother for me because they took time, money and occasionally repairs of increasingly-complicated gadgets that try to compensate for the inherently-polluting combustion.
5. Brakes should last almost for the life of the car since most of the stopping energy goes back into the battery.
6. Simplicity: my engineering mind is pleased, knowing there’s not a whole lot of engine parts violently zapping back and forth thousands of times each minute. Instead, they’re replaced by one (!) engine part smoothly rotating in one direction.
7. Idling is replaced with Off: when stuck in a common traffic jam, it helps a little to know that the car is not wasting fuel of any kind. It takes just a trickle from the 12-volt battery to run the radio.
8. “Diamond lane” OK: we can legally use the carpool lane during commute hours, saving a bit of time.
9. Fun acceleration: zipping past others on the highway is easy, if I choose to do so.
10. More contacts with associates, as I like to volunteer to drive car pools (plus, my car is much more efficient) so I get to talk with them more on the way to meetings.

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