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01.26.2012 - by Colby Trudeau
EVs and Generation Z

As a young EV activist, I am often asked why I don’t drive a plug-in vehicle myself. While EVs are an extremely popular topic among people in my age group, few of us drive them. It may seem hypocritical of us, but there are several reasons why EVs haven’t penetrated

01.25.2012 - by Jay Friedland
Urge CARB to close yet another ZEV loophole!

CARB Board Chair Mary Nichols negotiated a special deal which would dramatically weaken the California ZEV program allowing automakers that overcomply with the new Federal GHG standards so they get away with producing less EVs. This sweetheart deal allows an automaker to cut the number of pure electric-drive vehicles by

01.17.2012 - by Tom Saxton
Watt Fun: Driving a Nissan Leaf

In September, we finally got our Nissan Leaf. We had signed up very early in the process, and could have had a Leaf in the spring of 2011, but we decided to put our order on hold until they offered the cold weather package. It was worth the wait! It’s

01.09.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Never Wait for a Charge

Our nemesis, range anxiety Many gas drivers are reluctant to try a plug-in vehicle, and often they are not timid about letting us know it. The most common reason is that they are afraid the battery charge will run out unexpectedly and they will have to wait for a charge–perhaps

01.01.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Separating Gas Anxiety and Range Anxiety

“Gas Anxiety” is very common among plug-in vehicle owners. Although most of us still have access to gas propulsion, we would rather not use it. Not when cheaper, cleaner, quieter, smoother, responsive and torquey electric drive using domestic fuel is available! So we go through all sorts of gyrations to