Everyone loves the car – Daryl W.

Daryl W

It’s an amazing change-over vehicle. Fun to drive. Comfortable. Responsive. Quiet.

I can max out regenerative charging, often arriving at my destination after several miles with as much range in the battery as when I left home. Or, my wife can just get in and drive without ever pulling the Regen On Demand Paddle or shifting into Low or looking at the Range indicator. We’ve had solar PV for 6 years. We upgraded our electrical system and installed a 240-volt charging station in the garage. Looking to the future.

In the first year of ownership, my wife and I took two 3,000 mile trips in Lil EV. We charged for free everywhere: at restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, hotels, B&Bs, municipal parking lots, parking garages, tourist attractions, horticultural gardens, Chevy, VW, and BMW dealers.

Close to 100 people have test-driven my Volt. I ask everyone if they’d like to drive, not ride. Even people I don’t know. Everyone loves the car. One Porsche driver was quite pleased by how the vehicle handled in the corners and impressed with the instant torque.

I’ve attended several car shows. The first was an annual show with 650 ICE vehicles. There were only 4 plug-ins.

I have a Tesla Model 3 reservation. Why? Well, I can’t afford a Model X or Model S. Also, I want to support a company that in my mind has the proper ethic. No government forced Tesla to build battery-powered cars and a SuperCharger network. No foreign government said you can’t sell gas-powered vehicles in our country. So build battery-powered cars and we’ll let you sell here.

Why not buy the Bolt many of asked? Besides trying to support a company with an ethic I share there’s no Super Charger network to recharge my car in the time it takes me to have a bite to eat while on a trip.

Step by step and loving every minute of it.

Plug in & get connected!

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