A perfect pair – Bill H.

Bill H

Last February I went to an EV demo at a nearby climate action non-profit and test-drove a Chevy Bolt. About the same time, my wife had to replace her long-loved Prius because the insurance company totaled it. We shopped a number of new plug-in vehicles. She liked the Prius Prime best, I liked the Bolt. It was her car we needed to replace so we bought a Prime.
Our Prius Prime.

At some point, I suggested that we might get both. Surprisingly she agreed. The Bolt was pretty new and we had challenges finding a dealer salesperson who knew them. Once a week or so, I “commute” about 15 miles to a meditation center. Nearby was a Chevrolet dealer so I walked in cold. The salesperson I encountered first was very knowledgeable about the Bolt. Wow! What good fortune! In a couple of days, my wife joined me for a second visit and in a few more days we leased a Bolt. Then I bought a Clipper Creek charging station and had an electrician install it in our garage. (We also had to clean out the garage in order to house two new cars in it.)

Neither of us could be happier with our individual choices. Something about teaching old dogs something new. Neither car is perfect, but for us, they are the perfect pair.
The Perfect Pair.

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