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woman standing in front of an electric car

Judith L.
Las Vegas, Nevada

I owned a hybrid vehicle for many years and wanted to upgrade. My daughter has a Tesla and I learned a lot about EVs from her. When I looked for an EV here in Nevada, unfortunately, they were few and far between. I had to travel to California to test the highly-rated Hyundai Kona Electric, but ultimately I decided to go with the Chevy Bolt. Read more >>

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electric car in a driveway

Charles S. 
Sparks, Nevada

I have been driving EVs since I converted a 1969 Subaru 360 pickup in 1992, then I owned the 2011 Nissan LEAF, the 2013 Nissan LEAF and now I drive the Chevy Bolt. I love how EVs are quiet, comfortable, responsive and my only maintenance is replacing the tires and windshield washer fluid. If you are considering buying an EV, just do it! You’re going to be surprised how good they are. I will never own another gas-powered car.


Electric car at a overlook

Barbara T.
Henderson, Nevada

I purchased my Tesla Model Y because I like the idea of helping the environment. The initial purchase price is offset by little to no ongoing maintenance – compared to the maintenance needed on a gas car, this is a huge win! If you are interested in driving electric, just do it! I feel good knowing that I am not polluting the air every time I use my car, because EVs emit zero tailpipe pollution. Road trips are also very pleasurable because my EV is so quiet! I think all HOV lanes should allow EVs to access those lanes, as EVs don’t use any gas! 

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Elaine V.
Henderson, Nevada

There were many aspects of driving electric that motivated me to purchase one. One key feature I liked was how safe EVs are due to their low center of gravity – they handle turns well and drive very well. I also loved how quiet they are – there’s no engine noise or vibration, making the ride very comfortable and smooth. And, driving electric has such little maintenance that I don’t have to worry about mechanical reliability. There are no belts, transmissions, or fluids to leak or break, which provides me with peace of mind! And of course I love driving my Tesla Model S because I know I’m not contributing harmful pollutants to the air that hurt our environment. Read more >>


Paul M.
Las Vegas, Nevada

My EV has saved me so much money, hasn’t needed much maintenance compared to a gas car, and is great for the environment. I drive a Tesla Model S, and I did splurge a bit on the initial purchase price of the car, but because the ongoing maintenance and fueling costs are so low, the car is now paying for itself! The instant acceleration is the best part about my EV. It never gets old! With all of its benefits, from a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle to more fun in the driver’s seat to savings in my wallet, the value of an EV is unbeatable.


Sandie M.
Las Vegas, Nevada

I was interested in getting an electric vehicle (EV) because they are safer, smarter and are not dependent on dirty fossil fuels as fuel. The process for getting my Tesla Model X was so easy compared to going to a dealership. The prices are upfront and transparent, and there is no negotiating. If you are interested in purchasing an EV, my advice is to learn more about the different EV makes and models available. It’s also helpful to find someone who already owns an EV and ask that EV driver about the differences in driving a gas car compared to an EV. I love the quietness of the EV, as there are no loud engine sounds. I don’t go to gas stations anymore either since I plug in at home to charge my EV when needed. If I need a quick charge or if I’m traveling long distances I use the Tesla Supercharger network. EVs are the way of the future. I would never go back to a gas car!


Edward M.
Las Vegas, Nevada

When I was looking to buy an EV a few years ago, there weren’t that many options. But today, I now own 3! I own a Chevy Bolt, Zero motorcycle and a Sondor E-bike. If you are looking to buy an EV yourself, do your research ahead of time. Consider what your everyday needs are in terms of driving distance – don’t assume you cannot buy an EV because once a year you might do a long road-trip and you would have to stop to charge along the way. I drive 11 miles each way to work, and there is a charging station about half-way between home and work. On the way home, I stop at that charging station, plug in, and while I’m waiting I go for a short walk. ON the weekends, if I have errands to run I will look for a charging station near a business and charge there. EVs are quiet, clean, smooth and save me money on fuel. I’m glad I purchased my EV – it’s great to be ahead of the curve!


Joesph S.
Las Vegas, Nevada

I was interested in getting an EV for a long time, but what finally made my decision was that by driving one, I wouldn’t be emitting any harmful pollution from the tailpipe, and I would also be saving money at the same time. I ended up getting the Tesla Model 3, and I love it! With my EV, I don’t have to pump gas anymore, I simply plug it in at home just like my cell phone. And because I have solar panels on my house, the electricity for my car is free, and clean too! On top of that, the fact that there is half as much maintenance on my EV compared to my old gas car means I’m saving more money and time, because I don’t have to deal with the hassle of car repairs. EVs are so convenient and good for our environment, so it really is a win-win for me and my community!


Dan S.
Las Vegas, Nevada

My favorite thing about my EV—the Tesla Model 3—is that it is so fun! It’s as quick as can be from a stop, and the low center of gravity means it handles turns very well. My EV is also loaded with modern technology and awesome features, such as the ability to cool the cabin down before I sit inside, and the very smooth one-pedal driving. What first got me interested in driving electric was my desire to use clean, green energy to take me around town, instead of dirty and old-fashioned gasoline. Since I have solar panels on my house, I’m 100% relying on clean energy to power my EV, and I never have to visit the gas station. To those considering purchasing an EV, I say to get one!


Jason M.
Las Vegas, Nevada

I drive a Tesla Model Y, and my favorite thing about my EV is its great driving performance. I knew from the first time I test drove an EV that I had to get one. It’s a game-changing technology, and I can’t imagine going back to driving a gas car! Initially when I started driving electric, finding EV charging stations was a bit of a learning curve and there weren’t EV charging stations everywhere I needed to go. But now, the EV charging network is growing so fast that I never have problems finding a charging station. I highly recommend to people interested in driving electric to buy an EV right away, it’s a decision you won’t regret!