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04.30.2012 - by Jay Friedland
How Plug In America Drives Public Policy -Talk at EVS26

We’ve been working across the political spectrum for plug-ins at the local, state, federal, and even international level over the past year. It continues to be a volatile time for PHEV and BEV policy work, with new issues around charging infrastructure, incentives, access, and consumer protection happening weekly. As the

04.23.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Fabio Plugs In

Fabio is featured in Kelly Olson’s video with EV activist / actress Alexandra Paul. Watch Fabio as he displays his gigantic motorcycle collection and proudly shows off the latest addition to that collection: a brand new all-electric Zero Motorcycle. Hear why Fabio was “totally blown away” by his introduction to

04.16.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Plug-in electric vehicles are far better for the environment than gasoline vehicles, even on the current grid. They are not zero-impact–no car ever will be–but they are a major leap forward now, and will get even better as the grid improves (which is underway; coal use has gone from 52%

04.10.2012 - by Tom Saxton
Are Taxpayer and Private Dollars Creating Effective Electric Vehicle Infrastructure?

Last December, I started collecting data for a study of the current state of EV Charging Infrastructure. Dozens of Plug In America supporters volunteered to survey local charging sites belonging to the Blink and ChargePoint networks and report on things like parking policy, station condition and station availability. Combining that