Liza Borches

Liza Borches

Lisa Borches is the President / CEO of Carter Myers Automotive. A 4th generation automobile retailer with experience in growing an organization exponentially through a people-focused approach. Offering employee ownership, managing partnerships, and values-based hiring, Carter Myers Automotive has grown from 3 dealerships to 16 in the last 15 years, representing 6 markets, over 700 associates and 17 franchises across Virginia.

The mission of Carter Myers Automotive is to Move Lives Forward for customers, associates, and the community. Under Liza’s leadership, CMA has lived this mission through progressive changes in the customer experience, innovative benefit programs and employee ownership, a commitment to sustainability, and through the many non-profit partnerships.

Liza serves on the Executive Committee of Virginia Auto Dealers Association Board of Directors and was appointed by the Governor as a member of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board as well as several manufacturer advisory boards, specifically focused on future product and the commitment to alternative fuel vehicles.

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