The best car I’ve ever owned – Sid K.

Sid K

Four years ago this week, I put my money where my mouth is and ponied up for my 2013 Chevrolet Volt, and 48,000 miles later it is still the best car I’ve ever owned. Over the past four years, my Volt has averaged over 179 miles per gallon. Two years ago, my commute shortened to 35 miles round trip daily. As a result, I now fill up my Volt’s nine-gallon gas tank about twice a year. I still use the level one charger that came with my Volt, which works just fine for my needs. Of course, I salivate for a level two charger or even a second-generation Volt, but honestly, this is perfect for my lifestyle.

So, here we are getting its four year birthday wash. ($1.50 is still the best bargain in town.) The American flag was random but perfect. Yay, America, for a truly outstanding work of American design and ingenuity.

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