No more waiting at gas stations – David A.

David A

I’ve had my bad luck with cars for a while now, so getting a new vehicle was an idea that started to grow. It seemed the most likely option for me if I wanted a reliable car. I had the opportunity to go to the L.A. Auto Show prior to COVID and learned a little more about the electric vehicles / incentives, but figured it was geared more towards those that lived in L.A. It wasn’t until my own car started having problems that I really did my research regarding different EV models and what they offered. I drove a few and tried to narrow it to those vehicles which I felt were more in my budget and had the styling / features I liked. It was down to two models and after driving them back to back; my 2020 Hyundai Kona EV was the clear winner. Currently, I enjoy not smelling like gas or dealing with long lines at the station. Compact but very roomy and the acceleration is pretty nice, especially when you want to merge or pass another car. The initial setup to charge your EV for the first time is definitely time-consuming, but once you set up your accounts, it’s a breeze. I know the mileage from a gas-powered car and even a hybrid is quite tempting, but I’m not at all mad with my choice. I think if there was more information being sent to homes and advertised, we would see an even bigger growth of consumers switching to electric cars.

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