Finding places to charge is fun! – Matthew W.

Matthew W

Most aspects of driving an EV are no-brainer improvements over driving a regular gas car: Silent ride, instant torque, not having to go to the gas station as much (or ever), saving money like crazy on gas and maintenance.

There is one aspect that lots of people understandably have concerns about – finding places to charge on the road. But I am here to tell you that finding places to charge can actually be… fun! On one road trip we found a solar panel installer in a small town that offered free charging for EVs in their parking lot. The electricity was coming from solar panels on the roof. We ended up exploring the town and finding a great little coffee shop with great food while my car charged. Another time I found a great little store down a dirt road that sells hand-made pottery that offered free charging from their solar installation. The included image even shows me charging at my doctor’s office for free under a solar canopy. At a nearby amusement park, the free EV charging is about 20 steps from the entrance, so driving past about 20,000 other cars to park at the front was definitely fun!

Charging up with free electrons from the sun is a great feeling, and finding places to charge has led us to some great adventures!

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