A love affair with EVs

Erika G

My soulmate and I met while we were working at a lithium-ion battery manufacturer. He had been driving EVs for years, and finally convinced me to leave the office one day with the promise of electric tricycle rides on the beach. EV adoption really clicked for me that evening (not to mention the sparks flying on our first date)! How could I be driving a gas-guzzling SUV while working at an EV company?

Over the next few months, I learned to ride an electric motorcycle and purchased a Tesla Model 3. It’s the best car I’ve ever had! No stopping for gas, easy to use, and generally super luxurious. My awareness changed to appreciate how serene and how quiet the experience was, and realized loud vehicles are a thing of the past.

I also bought my own electric motorcycle and was the first lady at my local drag strip to ever race a Zero motorcycle. I even set a world record for the fastest 1/8 mile on a Zero SR/F at 7.5 seconds! My world record didn’t last too long, but it was very fun!

Now I am proud to say that I practice what I preach—helping the world bring safe & reliable batteries to production while only using EVs! While cost is still a factor for many, please consider the lifetime cost of the vehicle and it’s an easy choice from there. If you are not a believer in the performance EVs, I urge you to try one if you can—it’s pretty much a guarantee you will purchase one.

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