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09.26.2012 - by Kirk Brown
Reflecting on an Electric Day

As the significance of a successful second National Plug In Day settled in (one ABC affiliate called it the start of a “new era” in their local reporting), several participants worked together on the following statement. Thanks to everybody who helped make National Plug In Day a tremendous success! TENS

09.22.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
It Takes A Driver To Make A Driver

What a wonderful celebration we are seeing across the country for this second National Plug In Day. We would like to send a hearty thank you from Plug In America to the many thousands of people participating in National Plug In Day events in over 60 cities across the country.

09.17.2012 - by Kirk Brown
Drivers Need a Voice

Are you tired of the poor reporting about plug-ins, too? We sure are. The Washington Post recently published a terribly poor editorial – our response follows below. To the editors: Over 50,000 Americans have a very different view than the Washington Post s recent, surprising portrayal of the GM Volt.