08.05.2016 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
How long does it take to charge a plug-in car?

How long does it take to charge your cell phone? Think about charging your car just like you think about charging your cell phone. Most people charge their cars at home or work, just like a cell phone. Plug it in when you arrive and it will be ready for you in the morning, or the end of the work day.

The actual charging time depends on the size of your battery, how far you have driven, and the amperage of the charging system. Keep in mind that most of the time, the battery will not be empty when you plug in, just like your cell phone.  Learn more about types of available charging stations on Plug In America’s accessories tracker.

3 comments on “How long does it take to charge a plug-in car?”
  1. Audrey Mciver says:

    There is a generator I am inventing that does not run on solar or gas

  2. A.Prashanth yadav says:

    Sir i am a btech mechanical student we have done a project on battery car which does not need any external power supply it can generate power through while it moving only

  3. Stephen says:

    Some great questions asked here on how to recharge batteries as you are underway in an electric car. My idea was to have a “fifth” wheel that does nothing but turn a generator while underway to recharge the battery. Maybe it could at least extend the time between charges.

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