08.05.2016 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Can electric vehicles self-charge?

No. Energy conversions are never 100 percent efficient, so every time we convert one form of energy to another, we lose some of that energy. Hybrids and EVs recapture some of their energy back into the batteries through regenerative braking.

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  1. Bill wildman says:

    We pul a car behind our coach. Why can’t the wheels in motion charge an electric car so it is ready to go when we park the coach

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its certainly possible, but if the electric car were charging while being pulled in such a manner, the energy being put into the battery would essentially be coming from an increased load on the pull car.

  3. robert wade says:

    Above it answers that energy conversions are never 100% efficient….but how efficient are they?
    What auto companies are trying to regenerate their own electricity through wheel motion?

  4. MATTHEW HARDY says:

    All hybrid and electric vehicles are equipped with a regenerative braking system. On deceleration or braking, the electric motor acts as a generator, which slows the vehicle. Kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy which is stored in the battery. Regeneration only works when slowing down, braking, or going downhill. Regeneration cannot be employed while accelerating or cruising at a constant speed.

    1. Colin Michael Longworth says:

      Surely a generator could be fitted powered by a trailing wheel.

  5. Chris says:

    Turbines are basically just turning objects that create electricity. So, while a car is moving, aren’t there at least 4 turbines turning constantly? Why can’t we just capture the kinetic energy of the turning wheel and convert that to electricity that is sent right back to the wheel for acceleration? Is it not enough? Do we not know how?

    1. Danny says:

      Because the opep don’t want to

      1. Sam says:

        Exactly it should make sence I’m gone bet someone will figure it out

    2. Tony says:

      I was thinking the same thing, why can’t they use the back wheel to generate a battery charge while the front wheels draw power? I’m sure there’s some reason why they don’t but it seems like a waste not too.

  6. Matirangana says:

    If an alternator is fitted in the car between either of the drive train, can they create a rotation that can turn th alternator to charge the battery?

  7. Bob A says:

    If a wind mill with a electric generator that turns slow and has big output of electric because of the gearing , they can build a generator connected to back wheels of electric car gear the generator slow turns big output. Electric car with 24 kw battery pack, when electric motor turns car generator runs electric motor and recharges battery pack. If you can run a house with portable generator you can run a electric car and charge it up with right generator and gearing of generator.and use reg braking also. If you can drive a Chevy Volt that has a hold the battery, charge the battery up and you have 50 miles on charge on the car, and you hold that mileage to where you are driving to. The cars generator built into car puts electric in to running electric motor but you never lose a mile on battery pack, Then put a different generator in car our the computer control. it has to be gas company, making the auto companys not to make a electric car that will run its self.. It can be done with right gearing of generator and right generator and battery pack computer control.. know someone show me different.

  8. Matthew Hardy says:

    Folks, no, none of these ideas will work. If it were so simple, vehicles would have these systems you describe. Let’s simplify the whole thing…take the vehicle out of the equation: How about a battery, powering a motor. The motor turns a generator which recharges the battery. If this worked, we would have achieved perpetual motion, which is impossible.

    1. Sam says:

      Its possible we just aren’t trying hard enough

    2. Nate says:

      Bs bs bs!!! It is posible!!! Gas companies are just trying to control electric car industries
      As simple as putting a controlled dinamo system and a split pack of batteries, first set starts running out automatic switch connects to the other one wile the dinamo system charges the other and so.
      No need to have such tons of batteries, a good design of volt amplifiers and a good set of capacitors can do the job.
      And it can all star with a simple magnetic field on the weels.
      Greed is the only obstacle!!!

  9. Sal says:

    mclaren p1 has solar panels on the roof, built in generator much like prius, brakes recharge batteries. I think the issues is that it take more energy to move a car at usable speed; then we can gain and store. It only goes like 50 miles, which is good at a usable speed.

    Good thing about that can is once batteries are dead you just turn on the gas v8 and use everything at once… like 900 hp. We need a way to harness the full potential of the sun. solar panels are like 20-24 % efficient and does not store uv.

  10. Keith Edwards says:

    Can some sort of magnetic induction or a hub/direct contact dynamo be used to charge the battery power source, or back up battery, while the vehicle is in motion? BTW…I think this is a great discussion thread. Thank you.

  11. Ryan Chavez says:

    I have an idea of how to recharge using the apparent air flow as well. Waiting on Tesla Motor Company to get back to me. Even Tesla himself mentioned that it is 98% efficient. So… nice ideas here too! If anyone wants to hear it, post more or email me. LoL… I guarantee this will work.

    1. amanj says:

      Ryan Chaves,
      It is appreciated if you can get in touch with me and exchange the ideas as I have also an idea about 100% self supply electric car.

    2. Matthew Hardy says:

      At 98% efficiency, there is a 2% loss, which makes the system pointless. It would have to be above 100% for this to work, which is impossible.

  12. Jack Cain says:

    Many of these idea can work, however the purveyors of oil and energy sources do not want you to be making energy independently, forever. The efficiency of solar panels is increasing dramtically over the last decade and soon a smaller panel will put out enough energy to charge your car while it sits in the parking lot at work. Or better yet, covered parking at work will provide the solar panels that charge every car in the lot. The future is bright because this technology exists right now.

  13. Maurice W. Raynor, from R. P. E. M. says:

    My car can.

  14. Maurice W. Raynor, from R. P. E. M. says:

    Try my car.

  15. Matthew Hardy says:

    Ryan, you’ll be waiting a long time for Tesla to get back to you on an idea that violates the laws of physics.

  16. P. Zahedi says:

    why can’t we add some other electricity produced system same as using solar cell or something which collect and change the heat of solar given to some closed loop water system in cars to duplicate the power and electricity produce by this system to fulfill the lose of electricity happened in regenerating braking?

  17. S Roopesh says:

    Hi myself is Roopesh working in an automotive company, I have an idea that if we use a coil and magnet arrangement on the each wheel of the vehicle, according to the Faraday’s law to generate emf continuously and the generated emf will be transferred via mutual induction principle from one coil to another coil, the another i.e the secondary coil will be placed inline with the primary coil without having physical contact, as direct contact on the wheels reduces inertia and increases load. So this arrangement will charge the battery in both the conditions i.e in normal driving as well in braking i.e. regenerative braking, Please correct me if I am wrong in my idea.

  18. Adnan says:

    I have an idea regarding self-charge of cars. I have amost finished engineering parts of design And also the method gives very good and sinosidual current to motor.
    I using new concept and controlling method of power electronic for self-charging of car. does anyone knows that tesla can suport idea or not?

  19. Norman NG says:

    Anyone trying to use magneto forces to power the vehicles and then expecting it to power an alternator to charge a battery is going up the wrong path. No matter how such arrangement will not be 100% efficient due to air-gap loses and the magnetic flux induced in the alternator might also caused a drag due to opposing magnetic flux generated.

    There are other approaches that make used of the kinetics/inertia to generate electricity when the wheels are in motion without introducing additional loading or being a drag. I am working on one of this approach and its guaranteed to work.

    However whether it can reproduce 100% or more than 100% of the power needed to move the vehicles or not, I am not sure. I believe even if it is 50%-80% it is good enough as it can extend the operating hours of the vehicle i.e. the range of a vehicle with existing battery pack with a range of 600km can now go beyond 1000km before the next charge.

    1. Norman NG says:

      Anyone interested to explore this can email me at stng936@gmail.com

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