The future of transportation is electric, but only because electric vehicle (EV) advocates from around the country have worked tirelessly advocating for supportive EV policies for more than four decades. Many of the laws, programs, and incentives that make EVs a reality today would not have been created without these early pioneers in EV advocacy. They have seen it all and share their experiences with Plug In America in the stories below.

To all the EV advocates out there, we encourage you to utilize our policy resources and share your stories and successes with us! Write to your local elected officials, take them on a test drive in your EV, or invite them to the next National Drive Electric Week event in your area!

EV Policy Advocacy Webinar

Plug In America’s policy team invited EV advocates to share their insights from doing policy advocacy work on June 8, 2021. Watch the recording:

Click on the advocates’ names to read their full stories. Special thanks to Policy Intern Russell Corbin for conducting these interviews.

Bob Erdman & Scott Wilson
Montgomery County, MD

“We’re in a race with climate change, and people say [the adoption of EVs] has to happen eventually, so to me that’s an argument for let’s just get started now” —Scott Wilson

Bob Erdman

Jeff Finn
Seattle, WA

“The job wasn’t to get people to vote for [a bill] but it was to educate the policymakers on the positive aspects of promoting this new technology. What I learned was you want to be for something and not against it.”

Brianna Fiorillo
Portsmouth, NH

“The technology is here, we can do this, we can make this transition.”

Don Francis
Atlanta, GA

“There’s this growing groundswell of interest and support of the technology.”

Pam Frank
Trenton, NJ

“If you’re a person in the world that wants to see change, you have to get into changing the rules of the game, and the word we use for that is policy.”

woman next to her electric car

Michelle Pierce
Riverside, CA

“Policy tends to be made by people who work in the industry that have an agenda, not by people driving the cars.”

woman standing next to her electric car

Jim Stack
Phoenix, AZ

“What you want to do is meet the [legislators] as a person, and if there’s only one interested, that’s all it takes sometimes because once they learn [and get an EV] as a real-life example, they can spread [their knowledge] to the others.”

Sven Thesen
Palo Alto, CA

“If it’s not going to be you, nobody’s going to do it.”

Roman Vazquez
Los Angeles, CA

“There are so many [EVs] out there now, it’s really different than in 2018.”

Barry Woods
Portland, ME

“The thing about electric vehicles I find really interesting is that as sort of an intellectual inquiry the deeper you go the broader it gets, because it touches on so many things, and that means strength in terms of the constituents.”