08.02.2018 - by Noah Barnes
Tell the EPA and DOT that you stand with EVs


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It’s time to take a stand for the EV and cleaner cars. On August 2, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) released a proposal that would roll back the clean car standardsand freeze them until 2026. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the proposal also calls for revoking the authority of states like California and the 12 other states plus D.C. to set stronger limits on tailpipe pollution. This includes the zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate, the largest policy driver of EV sales today.

This is a direct attack on the EV—sign this petition to defend the EV!

The EPA claims that the ZEV standards are “technologically infeasible” and don’t give the automakers enough time to develop the necessary technology. The last time we checked, there were more makes and models of EVs in the market than ever before, and all automakers have announced the plans for more EVs to come in the next few years.

Plug In America will be joining a lawsuit to defend the EV from the devastating effects this proposal will have—not just on the EV market, but on clean air, national security, public health and the global climate. We can’t do this without your help, so please make a contribution to Plug In America today.

Please share this petition as widely as you can.

135 comments on “Tell the EPA and DOT that you stand with EVs”
  1. Steve Greene says:

    Its only the air that we breathe.

  2. Robb Peters says:

    Stop getting in the way, Government boffo-nannies: this technology is here to stay. AND.. we can/do create smart jobs for this new direction when we embrace it, develop it, invent better and better mileage and functionality for it: we could be leaders, America! Not scared dodos sticking their heads in the sand on behalf of the petroleum industry apparatchiks: Stop carrying their water for them!

  3. angelo Festa says:

    The last gallon of gas we bought was in April of 2011. That is when we we took possession of our first electric car, a Nissan Leaf. Presently, we are getting around in a RAV FAUX, which is really a Tesla which gives us an honest 110 miles of range. Toyota accidentally built a really great compliance car. 2014 was the last year for this model. The only additional expense, was the chademo fast charger. which is totally optional. With battery technology and expense advancing range anxiety is fast disappearing . It makes no sense to continue to hang onto petroleum based transportation. Just look at the securities fraud being perpetrated against Tesla, by the petroleum lobby, in the form of short selling. It causes me to cringe every time I read one of their concocted tales about Elon Musk’s evil deeds. The man is a hero in my book.

  4. Ralph Bocchetti says:

    We need to move forward not backward. The first cars in the U.S. a hundred years ago were EV’s.

  5. Steven Kubit says:

    EV’s Should have been in service years ago! Were Killing this world
    Al Gore hit the nail on the head!

  6. anthony godshall says:

    Cleaner cars, cleaner air: stop subsidizing fossil fuels.

  7. Terry says:

    America MUST be FREE from ALL foreign controls and non-renewable energy NOW!

  8. Mark Bruce says:

    We need cleaner cars. There is no time to waste letting manufacturers slide.

  9. Kathleen Frenchu says:

    EPA, Congress & President: You all need to support Electric Vehicles NOW and NOT roll back clean air standards and NOT restrict states rights to control pollution. Asking this, not only to protect the environment but it also HELPS the economy, both auto industry AND EV drivers who will save LOTS of money with no, or greatly reduced weekly gasoline costs. Please work on cleaner air for your children and grandchildren, and do NOT help Oil, Koch, Saudis or Russia!! Thanks.

  10. Grant Thompson says:

    EVs are the future. Be a leader and not an old world order patsy

  11. G. Carl Plaskett says:

    There is no plausible science backed reason for rolling back the clean air requirements for motor vehicles, which both domestic and import manufacturers have already demonstrated the abilities to meet and almost all are embracing Electric Vehicles in their future plans. This is a transparent attempt to protect the sale of gasoline and diesel fuels to a populace which is embracing EVs enthusiastically.

  12. Mary McCulley says:

    I just purchased my first EV, and couldn’t be prouder that my car is no longer spewing emissions into the environment. Electric cars are the wave of the future and we must have our state AND national governments support clean energy!!

  13. Andrew Nilssen says:

    The time for EVs is NOW as EVs are past proving they are feasible; they are proving to be practical.

  14. Douglas F. Terwilliger says:

    as a registered republican I still stand with EV’s. besides that they are better for the environment, they cost less (no gas) AND fewer repairs.



  16. Rick Plumley says:

    Stop supporting the greedy, polluting oil giants and start protecting the fragile environment that we all live in!?!

  17. Greg Roers says:

    President Trump it is time to Make America Great Again in the 21st Century versus the 20th Century. Take off the concrete shoes and join us.

  18. Ted Lange says:

    Support clean air and less use of fossil fuels

  19. Erik Haltrecht says:

    This is a preposterous law that goes against science and any logic left in humanity. How any sane human being could even think of such atrocities is beyond my comprehension.

  20. Kathi McCutcheon says:

    keep our air quality from looking like smoggy, polluted China

  21. emilio martinez says:

    Please do not roll back on EPA emissions.

  22. Robert Jack says:

    Obviously, the oil and gas companies profits and their contributions to politicians are more important then the health and well being of American families and the environment. Yes, let’s continue to waste away while the so called “government for the people” continues to serve only those with self-serving interests.

  23. Mark X Camara says:

    This is not Rocket Science. We need Clean Air

  24. Yehuda Fabian says:

    We made the mistake of the depending on foreign energy for too long, it’s time for change,
    They screwed us over once they will do it again.

  25. Marco says:

    I stand with EV’s!.

  26. Lawrence Chanin says:

    It is an insure to one’s intelligence for the government to claim that increasing emissions for combustion vehicles is safer for the public.

  27. Barry Sharrow says:

    The American people have already spoken out about their desire to kick the oil liability and embrace the Homeland Energy Era. Foreign money will not ensure National Security. Is evolution really so painfully difficult? All you have to do is venture out of your comfort zone, and step into the bright new future that has been given a good start. Back to the global conditions of prehistory? I don’t think so. Come on people, think about your children, if nothing else.

  28. Braiden Gugel says:

    We stand with EVs

  29. Mary D Thorpe says:

    I would like to see even more EVs, a model for every interested buyer at an affordable price. I would have bought an EV last time around but I would like a station wagon for transporting my dogs in the back to the vet and to nature walks, etc. I got a hybrid instead because that was my only option. Clean Air standards need to be strengthened, not weakened. Remember that the government is supposed to work for the heath and well being of the people, not corporation profits and large CEO bonuses.

  30. Donald Brown says:

    The Trump EPA will not prevail against the people of California no matter how hard they try. Air pollution here is at a mere fraction of 40 years ago, mainly because of our pollution standards. The EV is a promising component of further improvements. E-trucks will make big differences for diesel particulate emissions.

  31. tom sweet says:

    America deserves a government that works to prevent future generations.

  32. Yves Deschesnes says:

    pollution have no frontier

  33. Bill Deitchman says:

    I support clean air and a healthier environment. Actions that we as citizens of our great nation can do to support the goals of clean air and a healthier environment should be supported and encouraged.

  34. Hugh McCartney says:

    If you oppose Electric Vehicles you are dumber than dirt.

  35. Kent Rochester says:

    EVs represent the future of the automotive industry and a giant step toward cleaner air and fight against global climate change. Don’t roll back clean air standards and don’t revoke the right of each state to make the best choices for its citizens.

  36. Alex Nelson says:

    Please keep the proposed Gas Mileage standards. The reasons for your changing the standards are ridiculous. Just add a larger gas tax if you want to prevent driving. and deaths.

  37. bill bess says:

    I have a 2014 Tesla S and a converted to electric (did it myselt!) 2005 Scion XB (140 MPGe),. I fully support any and all legislation concerning the advancement of EVs

  38. Noah Wardrip says:

    I support EVs, efficient vehicles, clean air, and combating climate change!

  39. Jan Young says:

    Ev’s need to be encouraged so that our society can make the transition from a toxic environment to a sustainable one.

  40. ERIK C STABELL says:

    I have been driving a battery electric care for the past 6 years. The technology only gets better. It is the future of transportation. The transition is inevitable, so get on board!

  41. Themis . Glatman says:

    I own a hybrid car and look at all the gas guzzlers with disdain since it is such old technology.
    They need to make the cars burn cleaner and with less damage to the environment. We need better clean standards.

  42. Todd Forshee says:

    Emission control is vital for our health and the health of our children. EVs are a stepping stone on the way the Zero Emission Vehicles. We must accelerate the development of zero emission technology before it’s too late. We have already reached the tipping point for unstoppable climate change of our planet. Please keep regulations in place to promote the use of zero emission technology. The issue of climate change should be the number one priority of any administration, regardless of party affiliation.

  43. Frank says:

    Make EVs Great Again!

  44. graham fulk says:

    We must not fall behind on the technology of electric vehicles and cleaner cars!
    And, cleaner air benefits us all.

  45. Dave Salzman says:

    Bad move Mr. President. Please don’t take us back to the ICE age.

  46. Andrew Baker says:

    All we need to do is look outside, especially on hot days like this, to see that California is battling extraordinary pollution problems. The thick, brown air that still surrounds us, while better than it was 40 years ago, is still thick and brown and not OK. It’s especially evident when you’re up in the mountains or on the water looking back at the cities. We need to keep the waiver so we can keep fixing this problem, because it’s NOT done yet.

  47. Art Vatsky says:

    Mr. Trump: This is another unfortunate policy decision that will set the US back to the 20th Century. You are one person and you are leading the country and the world closer to environmental disaster. Think about how you will be thought of after you are gone. It won’t be good.

  48. Joseph A Schmidt says:

    EV’s the future.

  49. George D. Wittman says:

    Please support EV’s and say NO! to the Oil Industry.

  50. Lauren says:

    We own an Ford Focus EV and it is turning out to be the perfect car for our needs. Affordable, fun to drive, efficient, and far better for the environment than our other two vehicles (a Ford Explorer and an F250). We use our ICE cars less and less and are looking forward to the day when we can replace them with equivalent EVs.
    As far as we’re concerned, ICE vehicles are going the way of the dinosaur and any country that isn’t ready to compete in the EV market is going to take a big hit financially. Rolling back the clean car standards puts our country at a disadvantage in the world market. And we must be clear-sighted. Auto manufacturing is part of the global economy no matter what. Suppressing clean cars is bad for business.

  51. Carl Trumello says:

    The evidence is overwhelming- fossil fuels are killing us. As a species. We must do all we can to reverse this, or we sign our own death warrant. It may already be be too late.

  52. Matthew Emmer says:

    Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a great American success story. There are now more makes and models of EVs in the market than ever before, and all automakers have announced the plans for more EVs to come in the next few years. Most importantly, consumers have more freedom of choice over what type of vehicles to purchase. And these vehicles are better for the environment, as they reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases that cause global warming. EVs are a win-win for America, thus we should do everything we can to promote their availability, including having strict federal vehicle emission standards and continuing to allow states to set emissions standards that could promote the manufacture and purchase of EVs.

  53. Ken Jackson says:

    We drive our EV daily. The Administrations position on this matter is the result of its’ ignorance, corruption, and disregard for settled science. It is criminally neglegent.

  54. Saul A. Valdez says:

    We need to allow states to create rules and regulations that best serve the needs of their residents. What is good for one is not necessarily good for all.

  55. Gregory Dorais says:

    Keep the current clean sar standards which were previously put in place by the Obama Administration! I stand with EV’s!

    Yesterday, the Trump Administration released a proposal that would roll back the clean car standards and freeze them until 2026 and also calls for revoking the authority of states like California and the 12 other states plus D.C. to set stronger limits on tailpipe pollution. This includes the zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate, the largest policy driver of EV sales today.

    This is a direct attack on the EV.

    The EPA’s claim that the ZEV standards are “technologically infeasible” and don’t give the automakers enough time to develop the necessary technology is patently false. Currently there are more makes and models of EVs in the market than ever before, and all automakers have announced the plans for more EVs to come in the next few years.

    Keep the current clean sar standards which were previously put in place by the Obama Administration! I stand with EV’s!

  56. Monir Islam says:

    Trump is leading our country to a backwards, stone age society. EV is the future along with clean energy to fuel EV. Other countries are advancing while we sit and watch. Lets not wait in a void, we should strive to be a leader in technology and engineering.

  57. Bob Peitzman says:

    Trumps team will never read this comment. I disagree with this proposed amendment to the CAFE standards for 2021-2026.

  58. John Rush says:

    To this point America was leading the world in the development of new clean transportation technology. It was smart public policy that was the catalyst that made that happen.
    But now there is a proposal by the Administration that is supposed to “make America great again” that will hinder the technology development and let our international competitors take the lead. It will not only result in a dirtier environment for Americans but it will also result in fewer jobs for Americans as the new technology transportation systems are built in other countries.

  59. Shawn Brandt says:

    Lowering fuel economy and emission standards is short-sighted and dangerous. Electric vehicles have proven themselves to have a lower cost of ownership compared to traditional fuel cars.
    Lowering standards would hurt the American economy and set us back.
    Furthermore, fuel diversity is important to national security.
    Lowering our standards is so stupid, it hurts!

  60. Ron Alberico says:

    Climate change is real and obvious. Decreasing fuel economy will save lives?? Talk about pseudo science.! What about asthma emphysema forest fires, refinery related toxins carcinogens is smog etc ??? Did you look at that? Push the industry to better economy and the price will and is coming down as well

  61. John S. says:

    Backwards is a terrible direction for policy in the US and the world.

  62. Steve Pimen says:

    EV saves our air against the pollution otherwise we will suffocate after few decades!! China and almost of all Europe will ban ICE cars in 2025! Simple proportion — volume of a house air vs to volume of our planet atmosphere air. One diesel vs 2 billion ICE cars:
    Accidentally left working diesel generator inside a house kills (suffocates) entire family during a night. Question: During how many decades 2 billions ICE cars will kill entire planet??

  63. John r.keller says:

    Mr.President there are many things that you do that I do suport and I did in fact vote for you..BUT your policies on PEA standards are WRONGE and I hope that hearing from citizens that even supported you can not support you on you views to all you can to keep our air and Enviroment as clean and healthy for ALL .
    I live in California by choice and it is our Choice here to make cars and energy cusumption a top priority to out lifestyle,.Who knows if you took this view also you might even carry California in the next election if you decide to run.We here in Calif.value politicians that hold these views and we are looked to by many orher states as trend setters on many important issues like the environment..thank you.

  64. Peter De Gregorio says:

    We need to move forward with EV’s and not look back.

  65. Neela Sheth says:

    EV is the wave of the future. Clean energy is where we need to go, oil must be out! We need to protect the environment and air quality. Keep this country great by making profits from clean energy only!

  66. Stephen Sherrill says:

    This administration is anti-environment and they must be stopped in the name of all living, breathing life on earth.

  67. John Martinez says:

    More EVs NOW!!!

  68. Ronald Gremban says:

    Like it or not, believe it or not, climate change is an existential threat to human civilization, EVs are an essential part of reducing our continued contributions to its increase.

  69. Dan Christian says:

    Only sustainable technologies can last. Delaying the change from current non-sustainable energy sources only increases the damage to our world. Please lead in this area.

  70. Lonnie Garner says:

    This is absolutely preposterous for the Trump administration to want to roll back clean air standards. Every manufacturer has been experiencing leaps and bounds in developing electric, hybrids and plug-in hybrids autos and making our air and environments much cleaner. I am 100% against any type of rollback of the clean air act and any revoking of the authority of states like California and the 12 other states plus D.C. to set stronger limits on tailpipe pollution.

  71. Dennis Van Swol says:

    I DO NOT want the current administration nor the EPA to change the goals for automotive fuel economy standards from those already established. Furthermore, states MUST be allowed to set stronger standards to meet air and environmental quality needs for their regions.

  72. GORDON E MORSE says:

    I stand with EVs. Loosening fuel economy standards is not acceptable.

  73. Bubba Nicholson says:

    We need to all drive EV’s. Gasoline is poisonous. Gasoline is a fire hazard. Gasoline is explosive. Burning gasoline causes air pollution. All the oil subsidies “oil depletion allowances” etc and the fossil fuel companies’ free waste disposal into the air I breathe means that we either get rid of those oil subsidies or we need to subsidize electric cars bigtime. Increase the electric car rebates and make them permanent.

  74. Nick Pilch says:

    This is outrageous. No one but the big oil fat cats want this.

  75. Todd Lista says:

    Wow II believe it. You are going to destroy our automotive industry along with the environment

  76. Todd Lista says:

    No this will hurt the environment & it will also hurt the US’s automotive industry

  77. Adrian G. Pop says:

    Introduce more EVs – Lose anything that burns fossil fuels. Hybrids are a total waste too.

  78. Shari Dauphin says:

    It is so very important to continue to set limits on pollution caused by gas vehicles and to continue the technology for EV’s. Changes must be made now or our chance for a liveable environment for generations ahead is slim. I have an EV and love it—it may not be a vehicle for distance travel, but it definitely is a vehicle for local travel that is what most people do the majority of.

  79. Robert D Sanchez says:

    No reversals.

  80. Gary Duerr says:

    If we don’t develop technologies, someone else will. Eventually we won’t have the means to buy our way out of our problems. Others will try to sell us technology that we could have developed “in house”. We will literally, burn ourselves out if we don’t innovate.

  81. Valerie Ringel says:

    EVs and emission standards are important. Don’t roll back the standards, improve them.

  82. Blake Thomson says:

    The iCE world can adapt for our future. Please do not lower the existing standards. Think long term. We need to protect our precious planet.

  83. Richard Mortensen says:

    Auto makers need to be held accountable for the emissions stemming from their vehicles. They can easily meet the Obama era standards; the claim that vehicles will be more expensive is just a smoke screen.

  84. Mark Heflich says:

    Stop supporting pollution and protect our environment! There is no plan B when it comes to our earth. Support renewable energy and electric cars and stop subsidizing fossil fuels!!

  85. David Fox says:

    We need stronger, not weaker, environmental protection rules. EVs are the best way to get there.

  86. Casey McCarty says:

    I’m totally worn out by the backwards mind set of the Trump administration. Don’t they know that in the next few years ICE power won’t be allowed in many major cities around the world. I doubt the road to a Great America will be traveled by inferior and obsolete vehicles.

    Hopefully; the electrically power transportation industry will start selling EVs on the basis of just plan being better. Nicer ride. Quieter. Lower servicing costs. Healthier for everyone including children passengers. Starting most days with a full load of economical fuel. The list goes on.

    Good Luck America.!

  87. Tom Wallace says:

    Electric vehicles are the way of the future and absolutely necessary for the air quality of our environment. To regulate against them is an assault on humanity.

  88. Kathy Petricca says:

    I love my 2015 Nissan Leaf.

  89. EDWIN BENSON says:

    shame, shame, shame

  90. John Love says:

    We need cleaner air — for ourselves and our children.

  91. Maria McCullough Cleary says:

    Please protect our air and water

  92. Daryl Cleary says:

    Stop polluting we know how!

  93. Jeffrey Jessup says:

    Quit being a climate denier and refusing to accept science that has proven the problem comes from many sources but vehicle exhaust is a big problem. To not support electric vehicles and to freeze emissions restrictions is just plain anti-planet, anti-human, and against common sense.

  94. Andy says:

    If we do not foster EV adoption and phase out of fossil vehicles, we will be one of the last nations to do this. That would be a big mistake. We already are wasting much more money by not phasing out our fossil fuel fleet than many countries that are going full electric. These countries will be saving massive sums of money and lives through cleaner air and water (many fewer cases of cancer for one).

    Thank you to all who added your name to the petition.

  95. Ronald W. Clark says:

    I’ve driven a fully electric vehicle for the last three years, and can’t imagine going back. We should be legislating higher fuel efficiency requirements, not lower.

  96. Margaret McDonnell says:

    We only have one inhabitable planet, lets take care if it

  97. Dave Martin says:

    Any move to freeze or roll back any emissions standards under the pretense of saving lives completely ignores the contributions pm2.5 particulates make in advancing respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases. A recent study adds diabetes to that list (https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/07/a-frightening-new-reason-to-worry-about-air-pollution/564428/). This proposal is absurd.

  98. John McComb says:

    We have the technology to make clean cars, so we should use it to keep up with the rest of the world.

  99. Richard Schuh says:

    The EPA emission and efficiency standards for vehicles should be maintained and strengthened. America needs to be the leader in clean air technology for the present and future – and should not look for excuses to roll back these standards – which would be very lame idea and pathetic sign of weakness. Please maintain these standards!

  100. Barbara Rasmussen says:


  101. Michael Emrich says:

    Ban ICE from 2020 on.

  102. Timothy Haas says:

    Americans deserve cleaner air and more efficient vehicles.

  103. shane hicok says:

    Electric cars are the way of the future and its coming if you want it to or not. Lets not pass the buck to are kids to clean up our air from today.

  104. Daniel Hofer says:

    This policy change is abhorent and destructive to our air quality and to our economy. It’s shocking in its disregard to our future and the future of our children.

  105. mtmamu Schriner says:

    We needs clean air for our health & future generations.

  106. Tim Emineth says:

    Why would you not want to have cleaner air I just do not understand

  107. Tris Palmgren says:

    There is no good (defensible) reason for making this move.

  108. Brian Stover says:

    when I clicked in the email to get to this page, Norton stopped me with a warning, saying this is known dangerous website that may infect my computer with viruses – it looks like another ploy from the far right to stop work like you are doing – please contact Norton to get this fixed

  109. steve wendl says:

    America needs to stay a top of technology. We can not allow other countries to dominate the market to support a dying technology.

  110. Hans ten Broeke says:

    Kia has decided to stop selling the internal combustion version of it’s Kia Soul line in Europe. Why? Because they aren’t selling. On the other hand the Electric version is selling. I can attest to how much fun it is to drive a Kia Soul EV along with it being an extremely viable and practical vehicle. Safe? I imagine it’s just as safe as the gas version since it’s simply a conversion to an electric version! For me, as an EV driver, it’s a far better driving experience in every way imaginable than the gas cars I’ve driven over the past 40 years!!

  111. Robert Rissmiller says:

    Can’t believe anyone would want to make the US a “polluting” third world country.

  112. Noah Barnes says:

    Please leave your comments for the EPA and Trump Administration in the petition above!

  113. Jason J Greenberg says:

    Europe doesn’t seem to have a problem…

  114. Matthew Bearzotti says:

    Forwards, not backwards.

  115. David Kendall says:

    My wife and only drive EV’s!

  116. Benjamin Schmid says:

    Don’t slow the progress that can be made by reducing emissions from automobiles.

  117. Richard Williams says:

    Dirty energy from dirty wasteful vehicles kills people.

    Killing people for greed is not a great policy.

  118. TED FITZSIMMONS says:

    The EPA is taking us back to the dark ages. The car manufacturers have been doing fine in meeting the emissions standards. Changing the standards now will make the US cars less competitive in the world market.

  119. Gary Clarke says:

    Stop Trump sending us back to the 8O’s with auto carbon emissions!!!

  120. Michael Stevenson says:

    I drive a Nissan Leaf, , a really GREAT electric car, and have SOLAR panels on my roof.

  121. Sam Anderson says:

    Don’t stop the air from getting cleaner

  122. Paul Scott says:

    Most Americans who do care about climate change might feel helpless reading of Trump’s campaign to freeze efficiency standards right when we need to be increasing them. The best solution on the individual level is to switch to an electric vehicle. Tremendous progress has been made with over 40 plug in models to choose from, almost all of them costing less than the average price paid for a new car last year. Couple that with near universal availability of clean, renewable energy that can be purchased from your utility, or third party providers, and you can run both your home and vehicles on 100% clean power.

    Americans averse to trump’s efforts to gut our environmental laws need only remove themselves from contributing to the problem. The result being that the environment will be cleaner, your transportation costs reduced, and the oil, coal, and gas companies will have slightly less money to give to Trump and the Republicans.

  123. Pam Dutch hughes says:

    If we could get to the Mont then we can meet our other Electric car goals Here on our plan that mankind is amazing

  124. Dan Quinn says:

    We live in CA and have an EV — a Chevy Spark. We love it. The technology is here, well developed, it works. CA should be allowed to keep our waiver. Don’t change the rules in the middle. The current rules are working well

  125. Ronald Sigrist says:

    Please do not roll back clean car standards. Our country needs these standards to reduce the carbon in our atmosphere.. Please do not increase it – the earth needs help!!!

  126. Rachel Mullis says:

    EVs are a vital part of our future.

  127. Daniel Watkins says:

    Rolling back EPA standards, and the 30% solar panel tariff are bad for the environment only hurts the economy. Mild hybridiziation of car should not cost much more than the regular model, while returning probably 15% or greater average fuel economy. This means ROI by the consumer will not take long and will take an automaker close to the 2025 EPA MPG requirements. Further, this mass hybridiziation will drive down the cost of components of hybrids and EVs.
    I know you can’t stop being an idiot Mr. Trump, but maybe you will be impeached before u do more harm.

  128. Douglas C. Smay says:

    Rolling back the clean air standards is an act of madness.

  129. Scott HIles says:

    In everything we do, we say we try to improve by having stretch goals. I would think that our President would understand that businesses need to stretch to goals also and not give the auto industry a free pass on emission standards and fuel economy.

  130. Marco Papa says:

    I stand f0r EVs and clean cars. Dun with Trump.

  131. Mark Ritchie says:

    Don’t do it!

  132. Deborah Jackson says:

    Please put more EV on the road. We have enough pollution in our country.

  133. KEN YAMABE says:

    We cannot rollback the clean car standards that we have all worked so hard to get!

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