Ray Ishak is a 19 year veteran With Nissan and one of the early adopters of the Nissan Leaf in both sales and individual usage. When Nissan announced the production of the Leaf, Ray and his dealer, Campbell Nissan, realized quickly that a specialized person or team needed to be extensively trained to handle every aspect of EV ownership, not just the initial sale process. He understood  that this product needed a new approach and a key for  success was also to raise awareness by organizing presentation and test drive public  events. This helped him become the top Leaf sales professional in the world for individual sales in 2014 and 2016.  Ray has an extensive knowledge of dealer operations which is crucial in helping understand and overcome obstacles that may arise in the efforts of collaborating, motivating and educating dealers on the benefits of EV sales. Ray just celebrated another milestone where his EV clients have surpassed the one million gallons of fuel saved per year in the Greater Seattle metro area.