Randall Blaum is the Co-Founder of EVGreen, an automotive consulting company that creates successful sales programs for dealers so that plug-in vehicle may be sold more effectively, efficiently, productively, and profitably in the short- and long-term. EVGreen specializes in enjoyable, very profitable, easy-to-use programs that allow dealers to train local, regional, and national sales teams on how to sell electric cars whilst retaining additional gross and selling more units. The EVGreen training process provides sales consultants a way to absorb information and retain over 80% of that information a year later. Prior to co-founding EVGreen, Randall lead the design and creation of the international advertising and trailer programs for LucasFilm THX and was in the entertainment business for over 25 years.  His marketing, advertising, and sales strategies have been experienced by over five-hundred million people worldwide – using the same strategies within the EVGreen “sustainable profits” process. He has consulted for Fortune 500, 100, and 50 companies like NEC America, Panasonic, and American Express, bringing new, reliable, and sustainable customer-centric ways of prospecting, selling, increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.  Randall has personally sold over 200 EVs since 2010 and has helped automotive dealer’s sales consultants and sales teams reach and exceed their EV sales goals.