Plug In America is working hard in Nevada to accomplish our core mission of putting more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. There is so much opportunity to advance transportation electrification in the Silver State, and to reap the benefits of driving electric. 

As an EV driver, you know all about the benefits of driving electric, including fuel and maintenance savings and a fun driving experience. Plus, you are contributing to improved air quality in Nevada, improved national security by lowering oil imports, reduced carbon emissions, and cost savings for Nevadans on their electric bills by charging your EV at night during off-peak hours.

Click here to see the Plug In America factsheet on allowing direct sales of EVs from businesses to consumers, which will increase makes and models of EVs for consumers in Nevada. 

Click here to see the Consumer Reports factsheet and information on how advancing transportation electrification in Nevada will lead to economic benefits for the state.


Take action

In June, Governor Sisolak and his administration announced the start of the rulemaking process that will eventually lead to Nevada adopting the Advanced Clean Car program, which includes the zero-emission vehicle standard (ZEV standard). We’re pretty excited about this because the ZEV standard is a critical policy driver in accelerating adoption of these clean vehicles. Show your support for all Nevadans to have the choice to drive electric! Sign the support petition here! 


Stories from Nevada EV drivers

Read stories from other Nevadans who have made the switch to driving electric!


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