The 2017 Tesla Model X is an all-electric all-wheel drive crossover that seats 7 adults and features “falcon-wing” rear doors, which require little clearance on each side of the vehicle. The Model X is based on the Model S platform, and shares about 60% of the its parts with the sedan. Like the Model S, the Model X has several battery pack options.  The 75kWh battery pack features a 237-mile range, the 90kWh pack offers a 257-mile range, and the 100kWh pack offers a 295-mile range.  Additionally, the performance model, dubbed the Model X P100D, has a zero to sixty time of 2.9 seconds and a total range of 289 miles.  The Model X is about 10% heavier than the Model S, and will consequently have about 10% less range than the Model S. Like the Model S, the Model X has two trunks: one in the rear and one in the front (also called the “frunk”), giving the Model X an immense amount of cargo space. The Model X is only available in a dual motor 4-wheel drive configuration.

2 comments on “Tesla Model X”
  1. Kim Frank says:

    any idea if Telsa will ship a car with a hatchback in the next few years?
    I carry of lot of stuff and the hatchback entry way is so easy to load up large items

    1. John U'Ren says:

      Hi Frank,

      Tesla also makes the Tesla Model S, which is a hatchback.

      Thank you,


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