Toyota Prius Prime

The 2017 Prius Prime marks Toyota’s re-entry into the plug-in car market.  The Prius Prime offers 25 miles of all electric range and an additional 615 miles of hybrid range for a total range of 640 miles.  The Prime features a 265 pound 8.8 kWh lithium ion battery coupled to an electric motor and a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder gas engine that generate a combined 121 horsepower (90 kW).  In hybrid mode, the Prime achieves 54 miles per gallon with an 11.3 gallon gas tank; combined with the electric range, the Prime has a total MPG rating of 133 miles per gallon.  The four-seater Prime is offered in three trims: Plus (starting at $27,100), Premium (starting at $28,800), and Advanced (starting at $33,100).  All trims feature the same battery size, range, and performance, as well as 19.8 cubic feet of cargo space with fold-down rear seats.  The Prime comes standard with quad-LED headlights and tail lights for optimal energy efficiency, a 11.6-inch HD center display info-tainment system, an optional heads-up display (HUD), and heated front seats with an optional heated steering wheel.

  • Vehicle Type: Cars, Four-Door Hatchback
  • Drivetrain: PHEV
  • Electric Range: 25 mi
  • Total Range: 640 mi
  • Top Speed: 84 mph (in EV-only mode)
  • Number of Seats: 4
  • Connector Type(s): J1772
  • Price (USD): $27,100
  • Vehicle Website: Official Website
  • Sources: Specifications Brochure
6 comments on “Toyota Prius Prime”
  1. Richard says:

    I am thinking about buying a Prius plug-in but curious about the plug-in requirements for charging at home. I am currently renting an in-law on a property and wondering what conversion are needed for the outlets within the standard garage set up. Thanks

  2. Edwin Davis says:

    Check out Renewable Lubricants™, out of Hartville Ohio, they use vegetable oil!!

  3. Steve Sears says:

    We just purchased a 2017 Prius Prime Premium and we love it. We’re retired so most of driving is within the 25 mile range of this Hybrid PlugIn. The internal calculated MPG is 199.9 mpg. I think 200 mpg may be the max for this car’s calculator. The only handycap with this PHEV is there’s NO spare tire. Has anyone developed a workaround scenario & if so where did they place the spare tire since the battery pack takes up most of rear storage. I’v also found that the Dunlop Adesaver tires that came with the car don’t track well when it’s windy out. I’m moving to Michelin Premium tires since shows they have the best tracking for the cost.
    One question – has any tried a Synthetic Oil in this car? My prior cars were all VW TDIs diesels so I’m very much into the European Synthetic oils like Liqui Moly LongLife III 5w30 5 Liter. My researched showed that the European Synthetics seem to be far ahead of the American Synthetics like Castrol Edge. I’m curious if anyone else is using a Synthetic in their Prius Prime?

  4. Ron Dupas, Depoe Bay OR. says:

    We’ve had our Prius less than a month and driven 600 miles mostly beyond EV range. So the combined mpg is only 66. Now our trips will be within EV range starting on a fully charged battery. One trip per week will exceed the EV range by just 5 miles; longer trips only every few months. The combined mpg is climbing rapidly. I imagine after a year of this driving habit our combined mpg will exceed 150 mpg. Our electric rate is $0.0735 per Kwh so driving our Prius will be very economical.

  5. John Bazan II says:

    Actually this is a question: Has there been any thought to making the Rav-4 a PHEV? We currently own a Venza. My wife loves this car, but we have discussed and decided our next car would be a PHEV. Wife is a big fan of Venza sized Crossover vehicles. Originally we were going to purchase a Rav-4 and we tested both the Venza and the Rav-4. The Venza won that battle and haven’t been able to pry it from her hands since. The Rav-4 in a PHEV format would be a great addition to our family. Just throwing in my two cents…

    1. Anna Striedter says:

      Hi John, Have you considered the all-electric Kia Soul EV? It feels very mini SUV like, gets 93 miles per charge, and is lots of fun to drive. Also, before the end of the year, the Kia Niro plug-in hybrid crossover will arrive in California, with 25 all-electric miles. We’re holding out for that as our second car. We’ve had three Priuses, including a plug-in, but none were as quiet and refined as our Kia Soul EV.

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