The all-new 2nd generation 2018 Nissan LEAF is an all-electric five-seater hatchback.  The LEAF is powered by a 110kW (147 horsepower, 267 lb-ft instant torque) electric motor that can propel the LEAF from zero to sixty in 7.5 seconds.  The LEAF features a 40 kWh battery pack that gives it an all-electric range of 151 miles.  The LEAF comes equipped with Nissan’s ProPilot Assist feature, which allows for an advanced cruise control to drive the vehicle.  The ProPilot Assist will keep the LEAF in its lane, speed up and slow down with traffic, and bring the vehicle to a stop in an emergency braking situation.  The LEAF ‘s battery can be recharged in 8 hours on a 6.6 kW Level 2 charger.

Nissan Leaf
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  1. David Southworth says:

    Had a 2011 Leaf SL (from CarMax $13,000) a couple years ago. It was a great car that I really enjoyed. but I travel about 100-150 miles to Orlando/Tampa and later purchased the Chevy Bolt which goes 210 miles at Interstate speed. but I liked the Nissan Leaf vehicle better, just the limited 80 mile range made me trade. When the Leaf gets a 60 kwh battery with over 200 mile range I’ll go back to Nissan again. The battery was 4 years old when I bought the Leaf in 2015 and had just 60% capacity (54 mile range max); took it to Nissan for “battery failure” and they replaced the battery pack at no charge, so with the new battery pack I could go over 85 miles if driven carefully. If you don’t meet the specs stated for the battery (about 90% capacity up to 80,000 miles) then take it in for battery failure replacement. Not sure what the newer specifications are. 85 mile range was great for around town driving, but the 238 miles range on the Bolt gave me so many more options.

  2. Mark says:

    I live in Minnesota, and my drives about 125mi round trip. No place to charge at work. How will it do in the winter???

  3. imwithstoopid says:

    Purchased “SV” Perle White (who would pay $400 US FOR PAINT, OH WELL.Sept ’17 for 12k like new, Yep, I had range anxiety. But got over it. So far the best I have purchased in the 50+ yrs I have been driving. and would recommend to anyone who asks. “A” pillar is a problem especially since I have no left vision.
    Since I got it as my Winter car it has worked out very well. No problem with the heating as it has a heated steering wheel, a Godsend for me. The regular heater is fast and strong, but watching the range drop by 10 miles is un-nerving, but only until I switch it off as it isn’t much.
    The problem is that I like it so much I want to drive it farther, but alas and alack taint gonna be doing that.
    Oh yeah, nice always having a full tank, ah ere, battery for a couple a bucks ain’t bad either.

  4. Linda says:

    My question is, if we take this car on the road, and need to stop to recharge, how long does that take?

  5. Ken says:

    My 2011 Leaf is great. No maintenance, but do take up the dealer on free maintenance where they check out the motive power battery. Plug it in every week or so to the garage 110 , wake up with a full charge. This car is the Belle of Air Force Village West. Everyone loves its Zero Emissions. We will grow old together here, my wife, my Leaf and I.

    1. Hi Ken, We’d love to feature your story of you, and your lovely wife with your LEAF on our real EV stories page. Email us a photo at

  6. Ed says:

    the 2017 Leaf had a safety problem that I read about. Does the 2018 have the same problem
    I am seriously considering to purchase one.

  7. BOB says:

    I have a 2015 Leaf SL. I like the four cameras it has.
    After 40 months, I have replaced the 3 wiper blades and the cabin air filter. I have had the brake fluid flushed and yearly lube and clean the brakes. I open the hood to top up windshield fluid.
    Not sure why some people find it a hassle to plug in. You go home, plug in. No waiting in line to gas up in all kinds of weather. Had a 2017 Volt that got was totaled by an SUV , when I was stopped for a 17 car pile up. Waiting for a Bolt EV due in 4 weeks and my Tesla 3 on order. Sold on electric. Best of all, is I know my cost of electricity is not going up and down each day, like gas prices. Gas price at my station changed 3 times one day last week. Like the stock market. My energy price stays the same, until they have an increase, which does not go up and down like gas. I charge at night when it is cheap. That’s all.

  8. Jeffrey Miner says:

    I just purchased a used 2015 Nissan Leaf in January of 2017 for about $10,000. It had 9500 miles on it. My former cars were all BMWs and a VW GTI. I currently also own two race cars and a Dodge 3500 Cummins turbodiesel. The LEAF affords low-maintenance time and costs, unlike my other vehicles which costs thousands in engine, transmission and cooling system maintenance and repairs. Sure, $2.00 in electricity takes you nearly 80 miles and that’s great, but the real dirty secret with electric cars is NOT just zero emissions, it’s ZERO MAINTENANCE COSTS and ZERO hassles. For that, I love the car. If 80 mile roundtrips fit into your driving lifestyle, the economy and reliability of these cars can’t be beat. My BMW was bankrupting me in emissions, cooling system, driveline and leaky engine seal repairs. Scared of battery replacement costs? Don’t be ridiculous: they’ve gone from $14k for a pack to $6500 and continue to fall in price while affording better reliablity and increased range.

  9. Fred Fischer says:

    I crashed my 2011 Leaf into an Altima and cracked the Leaf’s transmission. My auto insurance bought the wreck and paid me almost enough to buy a used 2015 Leaf. The new Leaf has the same size battery as the old Leaf, but the eco driving mode yields far better range.

  10. After five and a half years and 57K miles, I can say the following about our 2011 LEAF SL:

    • The only thing that has broken is a lift gate strut. Repaired under warranty.
    • The only times I’ve had to lift the hood have been to optionally clean out the dust.
    • The only times it has been at any shop have been to do optional battery health checks, and routine tire/alignment work.

    Really a revolutionary car that continues to show us what is possible when an automaker follows through with a vision.

  11. H.K. Peters, Jr. says:

    I loved my 2012 Nissan Leaf. HOWEVER, I do not live in the city and my range anxiety was 70 miles. Nissan will have to do a lot better. Let me know when.
    The blocked left front visibility was the only other problem.
    Quiet, seamless acceleration was great. So was the braking.

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