The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is a four-door liftback sedan from Honda. The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is a version of the Clarity family of vehicles, which includes the Fuel-Cell Clarity (currently for lease) and the Clarity Electric.  With a 17 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid achieves an EPA-estimated electric range of 47 miles, and a total range of 340 miles.  The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s powertrain is divided into two components; a 1.5-liter gasoline engine that produces 103 horsepower, and an AC electric motor that produces 181 horsepower.  Together, they put out a combined 212 horsepower, enough to accelerate the Clarity from zero to sixty in 8 seconds and attain a top speed of 105 mph.  For the first 47 miles of range, the electric motor powers the vehicle, with the gas engine kicking in if the throttle is pressed more than 2/3 or if the vehicle is cruising at highway speeds.  After the first 47 miles of range, the gas engine takes over completely, and powers the vehicle for the remaining 293 miles.  In the fuel economy category, the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid achieves 110 MPGe on the EPA’s combined cycle (electric and gas together), and 42 MPG when running solely on the gas engine.  Standard cargo space is 14.3 cubic feet, with 60/40 split folding rear seats and 102 cubic feet of passenger volume.  The Clarity Electric seats five in premium leather seats with front seat heating and power adjustability.  The Clarity Electric comes standard with Honda Sensing, an intelligent suite of safety and driver-assist technologies that help drivers maintain awareness.  Honda Sensing includes: Collision Mitigation Braking System, Road Departure Mitigation System, Adaptive Cruiser Control, and Lane Keeping Assist System.  On a level 2 charger, the Clarity Electric takes approximately 3 hours to recharge.  The Clary Plug-In Hybrid is available for leasing and purchase.

  • Vehicle Type: Four-Door Liftback
  • Drivetrain: PHEV
  • Electric Range: 47 mi
  • Total Range: 340 mi
  • Top Speed: 105 mph
  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Connector Type(s):
  • Price (USD): $33,400
  • Vehicle Website:
  • Sources:
  • CVRP Eligible
7 comments on “Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid”
  1. Edward T Daniel says:

    Matt’s March 29th Comment refers to the Chevy Volt as an all-electric, generator or battery operated vehicle. I own a 2014 volt and love it but recently found out the gasoline engine directly couples with the drive train in certain circumstances see

    It has and continues to be an outstanding vehicle with low cost of operation and very low maintenance costs.

  2. DK says:

    I have just picked up Honda Clarity a week ago. I was really curious about how many miles that I could make with the battery only (i.e, EV mode). Here comes: I was able to make high 60 to 70 miles for my local commute drive to my work.

    The level 2 charging time was also dead right. 2 1/2 hours to fully charge the battery.

    Before purchasing the car, I tried the HV mode for a short distance about 4 miles on a semi-highway, which was 49 MPG. I plan to make a longer trip this weekend to see how good the Hybrid (HV) Mode is on my highway trip.

    By the way, I use to make a better MPG with a regular gas car about 10 to 20% more than the EPA MPG rating. Therefore, regardless the technology (Gas, Hybrid, Electric), how to drive is an important factor to increase gas mileage. Drive gentle, and save Gas/Electricity. Most of all, save the environment.

    The best part of the car other than Gas/Electric of this car is the super quite cabin with a really smooth ride. It still responds if pushed. I can definitely feel the lower center of gravity due to the battery under the car.

  3. Matt says:

    I’ve been looking into PHEVs. My favorite thing about the Volt is that it is all electric drive and the gas engine is just a generator. Well-implemented electric drive just has this awesome feeling (I think it’s all the torque and instant power to the wheels).
    Is that the case with the Clarity PHEV, or is it a more complex system that allows the engine or electric motor? Most of the materials I’ve seen don’t specify one way or the other and even on this page, I’ve seen two different things. (article body seems to suggest the engine is able to drive the wheels; Jeff’s comment suggests it uses the engine as generator only)

  4. Jeff says:

    Had this car for about 2 months. In electric mode, it drives like a dream, with plenty of torque and a quiet, controlled ride and near luxury interior. In hybrid mode, the little gas engine is sufficient to just generate electricity for the electric motor (which propels the car), but somewhat noisy especially under stress. The car gets about 30 or so miles range on an electric charge on really cold days in northern New England’s winter, but the range moves up toward its touted 47 miles as the temperature rises. Therefore, this is a good car anywhere, but a perfect one for California, where temperatures are moderate and buyers are blessed with state tax credits supplementing the $7500 afforded by the federal government. Even here where there is no state tax credit, the federal credit reduces the price to what one would pay for a modestly equipped mid-size gas-engine car and considerably less than one would pay for a comparably equipped Accord or Camry hybrid. Overall, this is a good car and a good deal.

  5. SWP says:

    Similar to RS, I’ve owned the car for over three weeks. I love it so far, but have never achieved 40 miles in EV mode. We live in a hilly area in NW Washington and it has been cold so lots of heater use. Looking forward to warmer weather and more EV miles/charge. Haven’t taken any long trips yet; a little dismayed by the above mention of 32 MPG. EPA combined rating is 42. The review also says the gas engine kicks in at highway speeds. It doesn’t while in EV mode, but there are options where it can so the battery is maintains some of it’s charge.

  6. RS says:

    I own this car for about month+. Getting about 48miles on electric in N.Ca winter weather. It’s a luxury car for the price of regular sedan (after incentives). Leatherish seats, heated seats, collision avoidance, lane departure etc. features work well. Very spacious interior and trunk like Accord. Couple of issues : charge timing software seems to have bugs. It didn’t start at the set time initially for some reason. Then I fiddled with clock and settings again and somehow it started working again. One thing I didn’t like about this car is its gas tank capacity. It’s only 7 gallons. On a long drive with 4 people and trunkful of luggage, it gives about 32mpg (which isn’t bad). But, 7 gal tank means, you have to stop every 170-180 miles which is about 2-2 1/2hrs. I can go 3-4hrs nonstop on long drives, but this car forces me to stop every 2-2 1/2hrs. So, for shorter and city drives, this is an excellent luxury car. If you drive long (>3hrs) every weekend, this is not for you.. Oh, BTW, it doesn’t come with Spare tire.

    1. Jess says:

      Thank you for the review!

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