The 2017 Ford C-MAX Energi is a plug-in hybrid version of the Ford C-MAX. The C-MAX Energi can drive in all electric mode up to 75 mph and has a total range of almost 600 miles (gasoline and electric combined). Unlike the Chevrolet Volt, the car will have an intermediary blended phase where both battery and gasoline energy sources are used. The Ford C-MAX Energi is now available in North America.

  • Vehicle Type: Cars, Four-Door Hatchback
  • Drivetrain: PHEV
  • Electric Range: 19 mi
  • Total Range: 550 mi
  • Top Speed: 85 mph
  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Connector Type(s): J1772
  • Price (USD): $32,950
  • Vehicle Website: Ford C-MAX Energi
  • Sources:
  • CVRP Eligible
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  1. Scott Barraclough says:

    HIi all, just a bought a 2017 Energi Titatium and really enjoying the car. I have read a lot of the comments here and as an engineer I fell I can explain things that are causing confusion. The gas milage of any PHEV depends on how many miles your trip or drive is and how much of it was done on electricity. The less miles driven on gas, relative to electric miles, the greater the mileage figure will be. This has nothing to do with efficiency, just simple math. I put my Energi in Auto EV mode and it drove on all electricity for 20 miles or so and then started using the engine and the battery. If I drove 30 miles I would have had about 120 mpg. If I drove 500 miles, I would have had about 42 mpg. Same everything. A lot whats confusing people on the mpg is the ratio of electric to gas miles greatly inflates the mpg.

    I am getting about 25 miles on a charge per the cars computer calculation. I am no actually sure if I actually get that, I will have to use the trip odometer to verify it. I think I am pretty close though. If you are not running the engine (EV now mode) then running the accesories in the car all have to come from the battery, not the alternator. So you should expect the miles per charge to go down. I don’t know how much.

    My advice is to not always believe what the computer calculates. One owner has posted the computer says 10 miles and he gets 17 miles when he actually measures it. I also suspect the battery is made up of multiple cells and some may go bad over time (or develop poor electrical connections) and Ford is not detecting this. Not sure how to test for it, but i would bring it up with the dealer if you are actually getting poor EV miles by trip OD measurements.

    So far I am really enjoying the car. I have free charging at work and a 7 mile round trip commute. This car works great for my needs. I also getting 40 mpg on the gas engine according to the computer mileage calculation. One hint, hit the reset button when the gas engine kicks on when on a trip and you will see the mileage based mostly on the gas engine (there can be a slight boost from the hybrid mode battery at times).

  2. Bob says:

    2013 C Max energi
    When going over a slippery surface with the brakes on the car lurches forward anyone notice this? I think its just a matter of time before I rear end someone.

  3. Maggie Seider says:

    I have a 2013 C-Max Energi. Electric charge does not work anymore. Car has 14K miles and is worth nothing. I was wondering, since I’m stuck with this car, has anyone taken electric battery out, since it doesn’t work anyway, which would end back heavy handling and maybe make this a car I would drive. right now, don’t drive it at all. Not worth the bother and expense of registering it. A year ago, I tried to trade it, but Ford could only offer to take it back when I’m done paying. What a nightmare this car turned out to be.

  4. MARK E GOEBEL says:

    Own 2 2013 Cmax energi’s…. recently my range had gone down to 11 or 12 miles when fully charged…. it use to take 2 1/2 hours on a 240v charger now just 1 hour and about 30 minutes… when new was getting as much as 26 miles in EV mode… Took to dealer and supposedly checked it out….computer, charger battery etc…. no problems but still not much better…. they did say the battery checked ut at 95.1% and anything above 94% considered good LOL…. this one has 89K miles on it… bottom line Ford says normal…. based on experience I disagree.. any comments…. BTW the othe 2013 doing the same… both based in Atlanta GA area…. only other issue were normal recalls and a rear bearing issue…

  5. Jenn says:

    I figured out where to setup go times and set my car on value charge via MyFordMobile app but I don’t know where the value charge profile is. Where do I enter my electric company’s rates so my car knows the best time to charge?

    1. Pedro says:

      I purchased a timer and set on for night rate, this way I do not have to program the vehicle.

  6. Alan barak says:

    I leased, then bought the 2013 cmax energi. Except for two glitches with the software it has been a great car for my relatively short commuting inside DC and now from VA. The batteries never git me more than 19 miles city driving. In this cold 2018 winter i am now seeing 13 miles. But i plug in the included 120 v charger and just make it each way on electric. Per a couple of comments i get fewer electric miles when running blower for heat or a/c, or when very cold. Note to new users: NEVER leave your key in a bag that you toss in as you are preparing to leave; always plg the big converter into power before you plug the electric handle into the car. This is basically a very good car.

  7. Rob says:

    I have. A 2016 cmax energi. For charging i have the cord that came with the car. Car i rewire this with a 220 volt plug? Will it speed up charging?

    1. Ignacio Galarza says:

      Yes you can buy a 240 volt charger and will take around 2 hours 15 minutes to charge.. I will use about 2500 kw an hour. I monitor my usage. I also charge at night and at 8 cent a 1kw I able to charge my vehicle for about 66 cent. Actually might be cheaper at your power company.

  8. Kelli Kelly says:

    I have a 2013 CMAX Energi and just noticed that the car “X”s out the EV Now option and EV Later option when I’m driving home from work; there are still battery miles left. I drive in EV Auto while on surface streets and EV Later while on the freeway (unless there’s stop-and-go traffic). I’m able to cycle through the three options in the morning and before I get to the freeway. When I get on the freeway (moving less than 40 mph due to traffic) and try to switch to EV Later, I’m not able to because the options are “X”ed out. I still have battery miles left that get used up quickly driving on the highway. Note, yesterday, while stopped in freeway traffic, I turned the car off and on again and I was then able to cycle through the options.
    Does anyone have ANY idea why this might be?

    1. Cibdi says:

      There seems to be a threshold for level of charge for changing the ev mode. I just leave it in automatic mode, that seems to meet the best evergreen efficiency due my commutes.

  9. Jenni J says:

    Hi CMAX Energi drivers,
    I just bought a 2017 CMAX Energi last week to help with my commute expenses and I am looking for advice from the community of users to help me learn to maximize mileage. I drive about 100 miles per mostly highway miles. 1/3 of it is stop and go, the rest is generally smooth sailing. I thought I was going to get 95MPGe out of the gate but that is not the case. Please share any driving tips with me so I can maximize mileage and LOVE my CMAX the way many of you already do. Much appreciated! Jenni

    1. Ignacio Galarza says:

      I have the 2017 Cmax engeri but if you are traveling 100 miles a day I do not think the c max it what you need. I get 23-24 miles on battery but only 43 mpg on highway. In the city you might avenge around 50 mpg. Maybe 60 mpg which is fantastic mileage. If you only travel around thirty miles a day you can average around 250 mpg right now I am averaging around 280 mpg but I charge my vehicle every night.

  10. Dave P. says:

    We have a 2013 C-Max Energi with 55,000 miles.. It has been great with no real problems other than the sync system has required the battery to be disconnected and rebooted. We average 16-24 miles on battery power( dependent on weather conditions and use of HVAC). On highway travel it will get 38-45 MPG in hybrid mode depending on driving style. It is a great commuter car in town it will average 55-70 MPG. We charge daily and have not seen any diminishing battery life.

  11. Frank thomas says:

    2015 model year Energi, battery will only charge up to 13 -16, and show 3/4 on the port ring. New it went full circle on the port ring and 22+ depending on outside temp.

    Either the battery need reconditioning or bad cells, or what I suspect is Ford downloaded a software change to limit the charging to limit liability from battery fires.

    Is Ford liable to met the battery charge specification with the warranty. Should this be a class action suit similar to the incorrect EPA estimate issue when purchased?

  12. Len says:

    When I bought my 2016, I got a card promising 3 years of FREE charging at EVGo chaarging stations. But, when I finally tried to USE one, since I can’t imagine sitting for 4 hours to get my 40 all-electric miles, NEITHER of the plugs fit my car. Okay for a Leaf or Prius. Hardly worth sueing over, but a schlocky way to do business.

  13. P Fitzsimon says:

    I have a 2017 c-max energi with about 1900 miles thus far. I appear to be averaging about 26 miles in EV mode. On hot days with the air conditioner on full blast I’m down to 16 miles EV. The range estimate that I get from the display does vary with past driving efficiency. Without AC and driving carefully and occasionally using the L setting on the gear shift, which isn’t really a gear shift, for downhill I get 30 miles per charge. For winter driving Iwith heat on I’m expecting under 15 miles in EV mode. I do recommend the car. Lots of room inside, good visibility, high seats for easy in and out, terrific headroom, The electric motor feels smooth and highly responsive on hills etc.

  14. Janet Brown says:

    Anyone else with a 2015 Energi having problems with software? Seems my car spends way too much time in the shop getting navigation, traffic or other issues fixed. Always ends up being a programming issue. I otherwise enjoy the car. Lease expires April 2018 and I’m concerned that this may be an ongoing issue when the warranty expires.

  15. Patricia F says:

    I have the 2017 which I really love. It is a quiet smooth ride and the bells and whistles are perfect. The only thing that has happened twice now is when I get in the car and start it none of the lights on the dash come on and none of the gauges work, however the car drives. I’m not comfortable driving a car with no gauges, anyone have any idea what this could be?

    1. Ralph says:

      Had that problem with another hybrid. Turned out to be a computer problem. As advised on internet I disconnected and reconnected the battery (stored in the ‘trunk’ in an Energi) and reset something and my guages and dashboard lights reappeared.

  16. john says:

    I have a 2017 c max energi I getting around 210-205 miles per gallon I love it great car.

    1. Rick E says:

      Sounds much better than the 23 average I got with my 2013 intro year energi I leased for 3 years.. Do you know what Ford did to get that milage bump for the 2017 modle year?? Bigger battery, better batteries or something… Perhaps the Chevy Bolt comming out with it’s huge millage range finnally got Ford to do something so they would sell one a month or so at thw dealerships…what did Ford change on the Energi????

  17. Paul S says:

    This is the state of science in America today! I turn my home a/c on and my electric bill is higher – anyone else experiencing that? Give me a break!! You turn an appliance on, it consumers electricity – does not matter if the electricity is from the local power grid or car battery – the appliance consumes. Move to the mountains and coast downhill, it will regenerate electricity and improve your mileage and range. Personally, I have a 2013 Energi and get about 20 miles electric range on daily charge – this is awesome! And when the electric power source is depleted part way through my 30 mile one way commute, it automatically changes over to the gasoline engine – it could not be better than that. Love my Ford – go Farther (not Further).

  18. Margaret Finnegan says:

    I own a 2015 cmax energi. I was told it would go to 25 mile range. The car has 16,000 miles on it. No one tells you if you use the ac or heater, you get less ev range I have complained to my dealer repeatedly worst financial mistake of my life. Paid $40,000 for the car, now only worth $12,000! I’m stuck with a car that won’t get me to where I’m going and back. I’m so disgusted and disappointed.

    1. Sam Cohen says:

      My advice don’t buy new vehicles. I just bought 2016 Cmax Energi with Nav/Sync 3 for $15500 with 19k Miles. For that starting price I should be in good shape for awhile and if I wanted to get out of it it shouldn’t be too bad.

  19. Paul says:

    I own a 2013 energi. I too am getting only 10 mi elec MAX! And now only 38.3 mpg. THIS in FLAT Florida and perfect weather.
    Also, the charge plug is getting warm, and “red warnings” on the charger will lite up….befuddled….

  20. Fran McCaskey says:

    My 2015 c max energy was getting 20 miles on the indicator and dropped to 12 a few months back. I took it to the dealer and when I got it back it now charges to 20 again. It ran fine yesterday and today it acts like a dead battery, no lights won’t start. Thought it might be the battery in the key but it won’t work with the other key ether. Car battery has a full charge.

    1. Anna Kershaw says:

      what is the Ford dealership saying about the battery? Won’t they replace it? Something is undeniably wrong!

  21. DJ says:

    Just purchased a 2013 c-max energi, with 32K. Do I need to charge every day?

    1. Your Energi comes with a small gasoline engine, so not necessarily. Many PHEV drivers (that’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) do charge daily, however, to avoid using gasoline entirely unless going on an extended trip, or in case their commutes are longer than the approx 21 mi electric range.

  22. Bill says:

    We bought our 2016 C-MAX energi in January of this year and so far like it very much . We have almost 1000 miles on it and still haven’t bought any gas. I have a question about charging. Can you charge the battery if you have more than 50% electric capacity. The charging port won”t open and we have 51% capacity. I looked in the manual and didn”t see any reference to this issue. Just curious if any one knopws about this. TIA Bill

    1. Jeff says:

      Maybe the charging port is sticky. Mine needs some assistance to open fully. It should open at any time to accept a plug.

      1. Marky Energi says:

        WD40 or similar sprayed onto the mechanism below the charge port cover push indentation, will make it easier to open and close the charge port cover

  23. John says:

    I bought my C-MAX Energi in November 16, now have had it almost 6 mos. I work 16 miles from home and have been driving an electric vehicle for over 12 years.. I know how to drive this vehicle, getting 155mpge average. After driving for 6 mos I was curious how much fuel I used, .9 gallons for 2500 miles. Love this vehicle….

    1. Watson says:

      I see raves about astounding gas mileage, but the power has to come from the electric power, if not the gas. How is your electric bill?

      1. Brian says:

        My Mom drives a Nissan Leaf which is all electric. It’s her standard car unless going far on a trip. She probably puts about 7,000 miles on the car in a year, which is a lot considering it can’t go more than about 70 miles at a time. She reported that the electric bill went up about 5 dollars a month following the purchase of the electric car. So it’s like filling up a tank for the same price as one gallon of gas. Since a leaf can go more miles on just electric than a Ford C Max, To put it simply, the cost of fueling an electric vehicle is far less than fueling even an efficient gas vehicle. An electric car isn’t just greener, it’s cheaper per mile. Especially when factoring the savings of having fewer use of an internal combustion engine, which requires much more maintenance. With an all electric vehicle, the tires and windshield wiper fluid are about the only thing that ever need to be regularly checked or replaced. The more electric use you get out of a car, the more one only has to worry about the tires, rather than the engine, gasket, transmission, oil, catalytic converter, clutch, coolant, transmission fluid, etc.

  24. Kathy Mcknight says:

    When I got my cmax (2013), after plugging it in, I could drive 22-24 miles on the battery. Now, it will only charge to 10 and we can drive only 10 miles on the battery. The car only has 28,000 miles on it. Do we need a new battery?

    1. Lou says:

      To all, the C-max uses a lot of power going uphill. It’s a heavy car and just think of how much power you need to raise the car 100 feet. Gasoline is a high density energy source and battery is not. Thus, when you see a hill in front, switch to hybrid. n the plus side, you can gain some electrical power going down hill, so long you don’t drive faster. A lot of energy is consumed by wind friction. Naturally, we know that heaters and air conditioners use energy, so you can expect some EV mileage losses.

    2. Jacquie says:

      I also have a 2013 C-max hybrid, which I bought last August, it now has about 36,000 miles on it. When I bought it I was reading 22-24 miles after a full charge. But now I read 15-18 with a full charge, usually it is 18 miles. This really bums me out, and I am not sure why it will not charge past 18miles? Anyone know if that means the battery is wearing out. I have full warranty coverage until I hit the 100,000 mile, maybe I need to get the battery replaced

      1. Jeff says:

        Mine has about 38,000 miles, and I think the battery capacity is starting to drop. Even though the battery has a long warranty, I hear it is very difficult to persuade Ford to replace the battery, as they say that reduction in capacity is normal wear. I think a better measure of battery capacity is kw-h put in for a full charge (more is better) and time to a full charge (longer is better). I think mine absorbs about 4.8 or so kw-h, and takes about 1 hour 50 minutes on a 240 volt charger. But I don’t know what it was when new. The manual says charge time should be over 2 hours.

        1. Marky Energi says:

          I recently bought a used 2014 C-Max energi w/25K miles. I have both level 1 and 2 chargers. Charge times vary on both and also when at full charge (full ring, charging stopped) the EV gauge will range from 10 to 20. Even when it says 10 miles I seem to get around 17 +/-5 (depending of course on how I drive and nature of trip). Best I can figure the full charge cutoff varies (possibly due to battery/environment temperatures and HVB surface charge/rebound voltage) then the EV mileage range rating is estimated based upon the efficiency of your last trip (CR). I think Ford engineers tried to make it realistic and relative without considering that the wide variations erode driver confidence. I am keeping an eye on it but not overly concerned at this point.

    3. ghh says:

      Your battery has a 100,000 warranty. Just bring it in and have them check it, it’s free. Don’t second guess. You have some type of issue, but I doubt very much it’s your battery. They are rock solid. Your dealer will figure it out

    4. Ignacio Galarza says:

      From understanding you have 8 years warranty on ford cmax battery bank.

  25. Todd says:

    I just bought a 2014 Energi and after driving it a couple of days I notice that it only shows between 9 and 11 miles on EV at full charge. Is this due to battery degradation? Any thoughts?

    1. Pamela 0102 says:

      I am having the same problem with my 2013 C Max. I can use a 240 charger or a 120 charger and the car will still indicate a 10-14 mile EV range at full charge. Maddening! What do you think?

    2. Allen Webb says:

      Todd, I’m curious how many miles you have on your 2014 Energi. I have a 2014 Energi with 36k miles. On a full charge, the car is generally going to tell you 18~20 miles on pure EV … until you turn on the A/C or especially the heat. But 9~11 miles with heat seems low … however the max defrost setting which runs both heat and A/C as well as rear defrost. Generally here in Colorado, I tough out the mornings without heat to get the most EV range possible … which is still not as good in the winter (cold batteries) as it is in the warmer months. Going from full charge to completely depleted, when you turn the car off, you should be getting 5.1 to maybe 5.8 kWH of electricity out of the batteries. Recharge time on 120VAC should be about 6 hours plus/minus 30 minutes. Less than 5 kWH out of the batteries on full charge and less than 5 hours charge time might indicate the batteries are not performing well. I’m curious what other people are seeing as their Energi batteries age. Note one of the My View displays is useful to see both climate (A/C, Heat) and other (everything else) power consumption.

  26. Jim says:

    I have a similar issue, 19 miles capacity electric but drops to 13miles specifically when the A/C is turned on…anyone else experience this?

  27. JM says:

    I currently have a Fiat 500e (pure electric) and my lease is up in about a month and I’m considering the c max energi plug in hybrid as my next vehicle. One question I have is regarding how the electric and ice (internal combustion engine) work. I’m not interested in driving in pure electric mode and would like to know how the car works if you use both engines simultaneously. For example, if I drove 40 miles in normal driving (stop & go mixed with some fwy), would I have some battery power left or would it be depleted and I would only be left with gas engine for my return trip? I have a level 2 charger at home & at work so I could recharge, but I’d rather avoid recharging during the day if I can help it since I have to pay Chargepoint whereas at home it’s free (except for cost of electricity from my utility). Thanks in advance for your input.

    1. Jack Long says:

      You can set the C-Max Energi to “EV Only” mode where it will run 100% on the big battery until depleted (about 20 miles in warm weather, down to around 15 in very cold weather with heater, heated seats and defroster all running), or you can just leave it in “Automatic” mode and it will automatically switch back and forth between gas and battery power. Even when the big battery is totally depleted it runs in combined gas/electric hybrid mode, switching to battery whenever possible like going down hills, at stop lights and in steady cruising. It has a cool display monitor that allows you to see which power source is driving the HVAC, accessories and drive wheels. The C-Max does a really good job of switching between gas and electric modes, much smoother than any Prius I have driven or ridden in. You almost have to look at the monitor to know if the gas engine is on or off.

  28. Cami says:

    I only get 13 miles on the battery every charge I don’t know why it’s not giving me the 20 I was sold does anyone know if there is no jest but I need to make it is not on limited setting, not real sure what that means anyway thanks for feedback

    1. tuong says:

      using the heater eats up the range

  29. Lynn says:

    Love this car! Captains seats are higher than low rider sedans. Smooth ride. Headroom. 52.5 mpg on gas. 20-29 miles on electric. Fold down back seats. Room for my real estate signs. Can’t wait to re-up with a 2017.

    1. Yeimau Walsh says:

      How r u getting that

  30. Eric E. says:

    I use my 2016 C-Max Energi mostly for commuting 24 miles. (No place to plug in where I park for work.) Battery lasts the whole way in perfect weather. Too hot or too cold, and the battery doesn’t last as long. After one year, my average mileage was 190 empg. I have since used it on an extended road trip, and the weather has gotten very cold, so the average has dropped down to 147 empg. Still nothing to sneeze at. I have to set a reminder to check the gas level because I so rarely need to fill up.

  31. John says:

    Anyone experiencing “Dead” battery with the ford c max plug-in models. After “jumping” battery the car runs fine. Once the car is not used for few days, again have “dead” battery?

    1. JWT says:

      My car had experienced that on the used car lot. When I went to look at it, the car was dead. Quick jump and there has been no problem since.

    2. Len says:

      My 2016 had apparently been sitting in inventory for several months and the 12v battery went dead. I jumped it, but still failed under load. The dealer replaced it no charge. Note the 12v battery does NOT charge off the plug-in, just the alternator

    3. Charlie says:

      I’ve had the 2016 cmax energy from 10 miles at the dealer. I now have 17,000 mikes. I love the car. It’s been reliable until this 2018 winter, with low 7 to 20 degrees F. It turn out the battery does not like low Temperatures and so far I’ve had to call for a quick boost twice. There is zero voltage, no lights no horn. Dead! The dealer could not find a fault. I now carry a compact emergency battery charger, just in case the battery goes dead again. I’m debating if I should keep the car past 30k miles.

      1. Marky Energi says:

        There is a “dead” reset procedure using your key fob on the drivers column (google it). I’m not sure how/why/when it happens but some engineer made a safety bypass;
        Try that next time.

  32. Bill says:

    We have had our C-Max energy for four months {5600 miles} and based on actual gas to miles driven we are getting 89 miles per gal Much of the miles driven are on battery (20 +) per day and on level ground–week-ends we drive about 100 miles– if it wasn’t for this our mileage would be over 100 miles per gal. One trip was from L.A. to San Jose and back (937 miles) and we used 6.8 gal of gas (quick charged 3 times).

  33. Eric says:

    If I’d had the opportunity to buy the energi at the price they’re offering it now I would have jumped on it!

    I got the first model year 2013 hybrid only because they wanted like $9,000 more.

    That being said I love my SEL C-Max and would advise anyone to go ahead and buy one they are awesome cars!

    I shopped for five years to determine what car I was going to buy next and only when Ford built one with such incredible value to it did I actually buy a new car.

    And I’m curious about that 102 miles per hour maximum if that’s computer-controlled or what because I’ve had my cmax up to at least 120-130mph maybe even 140 coming back from Vegas.

    1. Watson says:

      We drove on straight desert roads out by Victorville and were going well over 100. We noticed that the speedometer would jump up every so often, usually when going over small humps. It turned out that the wheels were coming off the road, something that doesn’t happen at 70 or 80, but it does at 100+ because the roads are not made level enough for high speeds. It’s okay to go 100+ on the Autobahn, bit it’s not safe here in the USA.

  34. Carrie says:

    I am planning on buying one sometime in the future. Any owners of the C-Max have any pros and cons for me? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Jerry says:

      Purchased (actually leased) C-Max energy in September and have driven about 1700 miles. No major complaints. The car serves us well as our primary vehicle. I like the visibility of the higher roof (but like many new models with steeply sloping windshields it is hard to see the front of the car when parking). Still for the size of the car it is roomy and comfortable. As others have noted, the transition from electric to gas power is quite smooth although the brakes take a little getting used to. We typically get about 19 miles to a charge; less for hills but up to 22 miles for low speed flat terrain. The biggest downside is the limited rear storage, which we expected. I would also have preferred more electric range but that is for the next model. I had looked at the car when it came out several years ago but decided it was too expensive. With rebates and incentives, the 2016 model was much more reasonable and might be your best bet compared to the 2017 which is likely to be essentially the same car.

  35. A. C. Mills says:

    I planned on buying a C-Max until I heard Ford is transferring their manufacture to Mexico. There is also a rumor that sales are slow and Ford may stop manufacturing them altogether, which will make parts difficult to get. I am wondering if I should get the 2016 (was going to wait for the 2017) or try to find another plug in car to buy.

    1. Jenn says:

      My dealer told mey 17 CMax Energi is made completely in the USA.

  36. sandy stout says:

    I bought a 2013 ford C max 3 months ago and really like it. There was not a plug to plug the car in, when I bought it and was told by the salesman that I wouldn’t need one. So far I havnt had a problem, but, feel like it wouldn’t have an outlet unless I should be using it or will need it at sometime. Could someone please tell me if I should go back to the dealer and insist on having one. Thank you.

    1. Thomas says:

      You should have gotten a convenience charger with the vehicle that works with a 110v outlet. This is provided with the cost of the vehicle. Also, change dealers, your current one sounds incompetent.

  37. Jock Calhoun says:

    We have also had an pleasant experience with our Ford C-Max Energi. On a mostly flat terrain we find it to far exceed the estimated. 19 mile EV range to approximate 65 EV range

  38. Mike Emerson says:

    The 19-mile EV range is conservative based on my experience. I’ve had a 2016 C-max Energi for near 6 months now. The range is highly dependent on how hilly the terrain is. We get near close to 30 miles on EV mode if the drive is downhill (e.g., driving from Pasadena to LA) and probably 19ish miles if the drive is generally uphill in character. My impressions of the car are very favorable. The transition from EV mode to gas mode is hardly noticeable. I thought it would be more clunky. You can put the car in EV mode only (which we do around town); thus, use no gas. The car has a smart charging system; thus you can program it to charge in the off hours when electric charging rates are lower. We plug it in to our 110 outlet in the garage at night … don’t have any kind of special charging station for it. Ford has done a nice job with this product.

  39. Amy Morse says:

    Hello! According to Ford’s website, the C-MAX Energi has an all-electric top speed of 85 mph and a vehicle top speed of 102 mph. Total range is 550. EV range is 19. Thank you for raising awareness regarding electric vehicles!

    1. John U'ren says:

      Hi Amy,

      We appreciate your help in keeping our website as up-to-date and accurate as possible. Please note that the description for the Ford C-Max Energi has been updated with a 19-mile electric range and an 85-mph top speed. Thank you!

      1. John, As Amy says, 85 MPH is the all-electric speed. The overall top speed of the car is 102.

  40. We love our C-MAX Energi.

    Ford’s current approach is to offer multiple powertrains for the same platform. But it looks like they’re shifting to a dedicated PHEV in 2018:

    1. Bill Frue says:

      I love the cmax, had it two months, we did 60 mpg on the first 2 fills, they were all trips under 75 miles. We just came back from a 400 mile trip, It averaged 40 mpg , when you don’t plug it in!!! , this is to much difference? This is a 2013 with 40000 miles on it. It runs great and drives great, but feel the mpg should be better??

      1. We also were disappointed in the real-world efficiency relative to Ford’s claims. Ford restated the highway mpg to 40 in 2013, so at least they’re now in line with your observed efficiency. While not ideal, Ford’s “Goodwill” payment to buyers made the restatement a little easier to swallow. If you haven’t gotten your rebate, you can check here. At the time (2013) this was the best choice in an economical five-passenger mid-size PHEV, so there’s a good chance we would have bought the same model anyway, based on our needs. It was always suspicious that the Energi, with the non-insignificant weight of its extra battery, was rated the same as the CMAX Hybrid. Now we know that the EPA was allowing automakers to apply the same ratings to “similar vehicles” and Ford took advantage. After this, and most recently the VW scandal, I hope the EPA wises up and requires/provides accurate information.

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