The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is the first plug-in hybrid minivan to hit the market.  With 32.3 cubic feet of cargo space and room for seven passengers and up to 33 miles of all-electric range (570 miles of total range), the Pacifica Hybrid offers a no-compromise electric minivan.  The Pacifica Hybrid comes equipped with a 16kWh battery pack that can be fully recharged on Level 2 240-volt charging in two hours, as well as safety features such as adaptive cruise control, forward emergency braking, and lane keep assist.  With a nine-speed automatic transmission coupled with the electric drive system, the Pacifica Hybrid accelerates smoothly.  The Pacifica Hybrid comes equipped with powered Stow N’ Go seating, and hands-free sliding doors and liftgate.  In hybrid mode, the Pacifica Hybrid achieves 32 miles per gallon.

2 comments on “Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid”
  1. Keith Beckstead says:

    Your link to technical specifications goes to non-hybrid version of car, so much info is not only missing but wrong.

    1. John U'Ren says:

      Hi Keith,

      The technical specifications .pdf is for both the regular Pacifica and the Pacifica Hybrid. Both powertrains are listed. I’ve reviewed the vehicle specs and changed the maximum range from 566 miles to the 570 mile range listed on Could you be more specific about additional missing and/or incorrect information?

      Thank you,


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