Liberty Plugins Inc Secure Access System

LPI manufactures a system which can be added to common charge stations to control access. The system uses time-based codes and does not require that the station be networked, or even wired to a payment kiosk, in any way.

Site owners can use the system to simply grant access to select drivers, or monetize the charge session in a variety of ways.

Operators can leverage existing payment collection systems, such as metered pay stations or gated pay lots. See below for charge code generation options.

The system is also designed for non-metered retail, fleet, and multi-unit dwelling operations. For store or restaurant owners that want to enable for-pay charging, but don’t currently have a pay station, LPI is developing a “low cost control kiosk that can be installed at the front counter or near the entrance of [a] store or restaurant”.

LPI has partnered with the following EVSE manufacturers which will add the Liberty system to their stations.

  • ClipperCreek
  • Eaton
  • Aker Wade
  • Scheider
  • Siemens
  • Fuji Electric
  • Control Modules
  • PEP

LPI has partnered with Pay-By-Phone services (see list below) to allow drivers to pay using their mobile phone. These transactions are paid for by credit card transaction fees, and there is no cost to the EVSE owner.

Charge authorization codes can be generated by any of the following:

Local PARC pay station (Cale, Metric, DPT, Parkeon, Hectronic, Amano McGann, or Federal APD)
Liberty Plugins server
Pay-by-phone service partners ParkNow, MobileNow, Parkmobile, Verrus’ PayByPhone, Pango Pay-by-Phone, and QuickPay

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  1. Gordon Beck says:

    I would like specific information on the for-pay system for Clipper Creek L2 chargers. We have installed pedestal mounted HCS-40Rs (2 per pedestal) in a few towns, interested in both a) retrofitting these chargers to provide for-pay, and b) new units with for-pay for our anticipated installations this spring. Is there a contact with whom I can discuss options?
    Gordon Beck

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