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National Drive Electric Week highlights clean electric vehicles

National Drive Electric Week is a national campaign of free events that highlight the many benefits of clean electric vehicles (EVs). From September 25–October 3, 2021, in-person and online events will provide helpful information for those beginning their EV journey and go in-depth on various EV topics. In many communities, in-person events will give you the opportunity to view various EV models and talk to current EV drivers. (To protect everyone’s safety, all in-person events will be held outdoors with masks and social distancing.)

More than two million electric vehicles have been sold in the United States, and 96% of EV drivers report that they will purchase another EV for their next vehicle, according to a recent survey by Plug In America. EV drivers enjoy significantly reduced fuel and maintenance costs and the convenience of plugging in at home overnight. Plus, EVs offer a superior driving experience, with a smoother, quieter ride and instant acceleration. They also reduce air pollution, reducing the risk of respiratory illness, heart disease, and lung cancer for all.

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There are more than 60 EV models available, with more coming out every year. Find out which EV best fits your needs during National Drive Electric Week. Locate an event near you! #NDEW2021 #DriveElectric

There are hundreds of free events during National Drive Electric Week! See why nearly two million Americans have switched to EVs. Visit to find online and in-person events near you. #NDEW2021 #DriveElectric

EVs provide a better driving experience compared to a gas-powered car! EVs are quiet, faster, and cleaner. Discover the benefits of EVs at a National Drive Electric Week event in your community. #NDEW2021 Visit for more info. 

Get plugged in at National Drive Electric Week! Real EV drivers will share their insights from their EV ownership experience. #NDEW2021 #DriveElectric Learn more:

Join us for National Drive Electric Week, September 25–October 3! Find an event in your community. #NDEW2021 #DriveElectric 

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