woman standing in front of an electric carI owned a hybrid vehicle for many years and wanted to upgrade. My daughter has a Tesla and I learned a lot about EVs from her. When I looked for an EV here in Nevada, unfortunately, they were few and far between. I had to travel to California to test the highly-rated Hyundai Kona Electric, but ultimately I decided to go with the Chevy Bolt. It was a frustrating experience because even the few dealers who had EVs on the lots knew very little about them.

My advice for people who are considering purchasing or leasing an EV is to determine which kind of charging station will work best for you. I like having the Level 2 charger in my garage (which needs a 240 V outlet), but you can also easily charge with a regular 110 V outlet (Level 1) if you are only traveling around town, which is about 40 miles per day. Also, make sure your EV is capable of using DC fast charging (DCFC). You can download the many apps to your phone that show where public chargers are – I like PlugShare the best – and find out which charging stations are near you and which are on routes you might travel.

There are so many advantages with driving an EV. Now driving anywhere is just plain fun! People don’t know about the other great benefits of driving electric – no oil changes, for one. Most of the maintenance that is done on a gas car is not needed with an EV. All you have to do is keep your tires pumped up, and you’re good to go!

To find out what EV option might work for you, visit PlugStar.com.