06.08.2018 - by Katherine Stainken
Invite your senator to the U.S. Senate Ride and Drive
20 comments on “Invite your senator to the U.S. Senate Ride and Drive”
  1. Linda West says:

    I went from an ICE to a Chevy Bolt EV. So much fun, clean and quiet. I’ll never go back. I just wish the charging stations were being installed quick enough for the demand. Had an awesome trip to Sedona AZ but my next trip to mammoth from CA is not going to be easy without a fast charger on highway 395. Try one out and support solar and sustainability infrastructure. This shift is here and it needs visionaries to support the transition.

  2. Henry Vaccaro says:

    Nothing like a quiet ride with oomph!!

  3. Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky says:

    I have been driving electric vehicles since 2012 and can’t imagine that changing. Our second vehicle is a hybrid, but I’d rather drive my EV.

  4. D Gatewood says:

    On my fourth electrified car since 2007 so will never return to fossil fueled cars. As a long time car enthusiast I have found electrics to be far superior plus they have an environmental advantage.
    This move to electrification for transport can be likened to our switch at the dawn of the last century to motor cars over transport by animals and steam power.
    Everything is powered by electricity even the refinery’s and gas stations so it’s logical and more efficient to use this source which can now be created without impact on our environment directly to power our transport.

  5. Robert D Sanchez says:

    Great for the country, great for the environment and for your pocket book. Recommend. America Strong. Texas Strong.

  6. Julie Yap says:

    We really need to get our infrastructure updated, especially here in the Midwest. There is not even ONE level 3 charger anywhere in Wisconsin.
    More rapid chargers would make it easier for more people to purchase an EV as their main vehicle. Getting more gassers off the road woukd do wonders for our air quality.

  7. Eric Strid says:

    My wife and I have put over 110,ooo miles on three EVs we’ve owned. Every time we have to drive a gas car now we miss the smooth, quick, quiet acceleration and regenerative braking, and visiting a smelly gas station really sucks!

  8. Michael Huber says:

    I have been driving a Nissan Leaf for over a year and I love not going to the gas pump. I will be buying another electric car in the near future to replace my ICE (gas) car.

  9. Robert G. Michel says:

    I own and drive a Chevy Bolt EV, and it turns out to be the best car I have ever owned or driven both around home and long distance. There is no way I would ever dirve a gasoline ICE car again. EVs are just much better. Quieter, faster, economical.

  10. Mark Chapmon says:

    I am a true believer in driving my fully electric Chevrolet Bolt. With its range of more than 200 miles per charge, I have not, in the 3+ months I’ve owned it, needed to stop to charge it. There are a few charging locations that I can use when the need arises. It is cheap to operate and a very serene driving experience. Because of how quiet it is, all the instant torque and no gear shifting, it is deceptively quick accelerating and silently powerful when climbing the mountain. It is a drive worth taking!

  11. Don Diedrick says:

    My 2017 Volt provides ideal bridge until increased range EVs arrive.Smooth,quiet,peppy,handles well and is recharged at home nightly.

  12. tina says:

    I think my senator might be too old to drive, especially with the quick response of Electric Drive, maybe her driver could demo. It should be a TESLA since they are doing business in her region.

  13. Randy Bryan says:

    Enjoy the quiet of electric drive and quiet joy of recapturing fuel [electricity] during braking. You might also punch it… and enjoy the acceleration.

  14. Gary E. Duerr says:

    I won’t buy another totally ICE car again. I have had a 2012 Volt & traded it for a 2016 Volt & drive about 60% of my miles on electricity. My Wife has a Bolt & swears by it.
    If a battery powered car existed that would have enough range for my longest regular round trip, with a 20/30% cushion, I would consider going entirely electric.

  15. Rodney W Mills says:

    As interest in EV’s increases, so will the investment by automakers.

  16. Stephen Russell says:

    Need annual , bi annual Route 66 EV caravans into IL from CA & end convoys once enough chargers in place on Route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago.
    Must have

  17. Sal Cameli says:

    Come experience the Freedom of driving an Electric Vehicle! Like my UBUYGAS Nissan LEAF. Go ahead and search google images for UBUYGAS

  18. Ronald F. Watts says:

    I have been driving a Nissan LEAF for four wonderful years, and will never buy a fossil fuel powered vehicle again! It is high time we all took advantage of this wonderful new technology that is better than fossil fuel vehicles in every way. By all means, check one out!!!

  19. Geno Oh says:

    Defy BiG Oil. Support alternative energy sources.

  20. Denise Robb says:

    I think you’ll love it!

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