More than 1.5 million Americans have switched to clean electric vehicles (EVs)! Plug In America, a nonprofit organization that advances EVs, has various resources to help you make the switch!


Why go plug-in?

There are many benefits to driving an EV, from the cost savings and convenience of plugging in your car overnight to a smoother, quieter ride and cleaner air for everyone in your community. Visit Why Go Plug-In? to learn more and read stories from current EV drivers about their experiences!


More than 50 models of electric vehicles are currently available in the United States, with many more coming soon. These include models with longer ranges at lower prices. Find the best vehicle for you and your family or download our handy Electric Vehicle Guide (PDF) that lists vehicles currently available. In many areas, we also train and certify auto dealers to ensure you have a great EV shopping experience. Find a dealer in your community!

Used electric vehicles can also be a great option. EVs have far fewer moving parts that can break or fail, so if the vehicle’s battery is healthy, buying a used EV can be like buying an almost new vehicle at a fraction of the price! Download our Used EV Buyer’s Guide to learn more.


Charging an EV is easy! You can plug your vehicle into any regular household electric outlet. Learn more about the three levels of EV charging. If you would like to install charging equipment in your home for faster charging, you can find charging equipment and connect with a qualified electrician. You can also find public charging stations for when you’re on the go.


There are also many incentives to going electric, including the federal EV tax credit of up to $7,500. Many state and local governments and utilities also offer valuable incentives. Find incentives by ZIP code or view a map of incentives and EV policies by state.

We can help!

Finally, if you have any questions about electric vehicles, our EV Support Program is here to help! We provide personal, one-on-one assistance by email or phone and can answer your questions about electric vehicles.