Getting his start with EVs at a young age by participation in the solar car club at his university, Roman Vazquez loves sharing his passion for electrification of vehicles with others. 

Roman was first exposed to electric propulsion in 1993 when he got involved with a club at his university building a solar electric car. A few years later in 1997, he led his team and their second newly built solar car to victory in the national championship. That early experience with electric vehicles, combined with his expertise in engineering, cars, and sustainable transportation, laid the groundwork for his passion for EV advocacy that he would undertake later in life. 

When he bought his first EV, a 2014 BMW i3, he was in awe of the shared passion he found with other owners of the same car, principally through his i3 owners group. Since then he has gained a wealth of knowledge about the ins and outs of EV ownership and seeks out opportunities to educate fellow consumers, businesses, and decision-makers. Roman is also the west coast EV dealer trainer for Plug In America. 

At his workplace, Roman initiated a Lunch and Learn program to educate his coworkers about EVs and found great success in the first event just before the Covid-19 pandemic began. He plans to expand this program to reach more people and workplaces, especially working with city agencies to educate policymakers. Roman’s main advocacy goal has centered around shrinking the EV learning curve for new and prospective EV owners.

In conversation with Roman, he talks about how there is an EV for everyone, the needed changes in signage for charging station policies, and how his many years of advocacy have personally changed him.