As the senior program director for Clean Energy NH, Brianna Fiorillo has developed a profound understanding of how policy works at the local and state level in New Hampshire—and especially how to enact successful EV policies. 

Fiorillo’s personal passion for clean technology, including her enjoyment of sharing all the benefits of her hybrid vehicle when driving around with friends and family, fuels her professional work in the advocacy space. At the local level, she has worked to get her town’s energy committee to dedicate parking downtown for EV charging. At the state level, she has coordinated numerous stakeholders to advocate for applying the full funding available under the Volkswagen settlement towards EV charging infrastructure. She has also fought against unfair EV fees and supported policies to electrify the state’s vehicle fleet. Furthermore, Fiorillo works with Drive Electric New Hampshire, a stakeholder group consisting of various industries and organizations to work on EV issues, such as coordinating a statewide EV charging network. 

In conversation with Fiorillo, she talks about the usefulness of events to engage the public and legislators, the uniqueness of EV technology to advance clean technology policies, and the power we as citizens have and must use to accelerate this transition to transportation electrification.