There were many aspects of driving electric that motivated me to purchase one. One key feature I liked was how safe EVs are due to their low center of gravity – they handle turns well and drive very well. I also loved how quiet they are – there’s no engine noise or vibration, making the ride very comfortable and smooth. And, driving electric has such little maintenance that I don’t have to worry about mechanical reliability. There are no belts, transmissions, or fluids to leak or break, which provides me with peace of mind! And of course I love driving my Tesla Model S because I know I’m not contributing harmful pollutants to the air that hurt our environment. We did travel to California to buy our used 2016 Tesla Model S because we couldn’t find an EV we wanted in Nevada. There is a learning curve with understanding charging, but you’ll figure it out quickly. So I say, just dive in, EVs are great!

Since I’ve bought the car, it has been an absolute joy. In Vegas in hot months I love being able to safely precool my car in the garage. No gas means no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning! Plus, there is so little maintenance. In the two years I’ve owned my EV, we’ve only replaced tires and windshield wipers—no other maintenance! I really hope many more Nevadans are able to own an EV in the near future.

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