Shorepower ePump

Highly configurable commercial/public multi-head unit. Payment system does not require use of proprietary network.


  • Compliance: Pending NRTL (UL standard) / NEC
  • Mounting: Tower, wall (cube configuration)
  • Input: 208-240v 2-pole, up to 100 Amp
  • Output: Up to three ( L1/L2 combination or two L2); 240v 30 Amp per receptacle
  • Backlit outlets for nighttime visibility
  • High-quality, durable brushed stainless steel; weather and tamper resistant
  • “Phone home” with critical maintenance and error information to station owner


  • Web-based monitoring/reporting system – detailed information about usage, access times, energy consumed and billing
  • SMS Text or email alerts: Charge complete status, station status and unauthorized disconnect
  • 8” color, interactive touch screen
  • Wireless, cellular and Ethernet communication
  • Payment system—Industrial outdoor card reader accepting all major credit/debit cards and/or proprietary cards (e.g. –fleet, student or employee card)
  • Automatic evening globe illumination

Lead time: 3-6 weeks from PO for items not in inventory, starting Q3, 2010

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