LiquidSky Technologies, Inc WattZilla UNO

UL listed. Most powerful EVSE in the world. 80 Amps per vehicle. Type 4X stainless steel enclosure. Literally bulletproof. Complimentary choice of Satin or mirrored door finish.

Complimentary choice of 25’ red J1772 self-retracting coiled cable or 25’ black J1772 non-retracting straight cable. Imagined, designed, engineered and produced in the USA.

  • Plug Type: SAE J-1772
  • Charger Level: 2
  • Residential or Commercial: Residential
  • Cord Length (ft): 25
  • Max Amps: 80
  • UL Listed: listed
  • kWh Charging Speed: 19.2
  • Links: WattZilla UNO
  • Estimated Hardware Price: $2195
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