General Electric WattStation

Designed by industrial designer Project Get Ready, a non-profit initiative led by the Rocky Mountain Institute. Plug in America has also been named as a project technical advisor.

GE is also in a partnership with Better Place.

According to Andy at the My Nissan Leaf forum, “GEs Wattstation L2 EVSE for home use will cost about $1,000 and be available in Feb. Will be sold in Home Depot and similar places, and quotes from installers will be available via Servicemagic.”

Yanquetino posted the following:
After reading posts about the “Yves Behar Autographed Limited Edition” Residential WattStation at the CES, I registered with GE to receive more information about it. I have received an e-mail inviting me to put down a $99 deposit for one. Gotta admit that it is a fine looking EVSE. The bad news is that deliveries won’t be shipping until “late 2011,” with a “today only” price of $1,199, which probably doesn’t include installation.

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