EVTEC PublicFastCharger

Swiss-made CHAdeMO charger, nicknamed “coffee&charge”

Designed for 32A 3-phase grid connection.

Touted as “CHAdeMO compatible”, this charger is limited to output voltages of 240-420V. According to the company, a full CHAdeMO certified version (50-500V) is in development.


  • Display: Shows accumulated energy and actual charging power
  • Enclosure: IP 54 (indoor and outdoor use)
  • Compliance: CHAdeMO Rev 0.9


  • RFID
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, powerline, or GSM/GPRS/UMTS
  • Plug: Combo2 DC, Type2 DC
  • Plug Type: CHAdeMO
  • Charger Level: 3
  • Residential or Commercial: Commercial
  • Max Amps: 32
  • UL Listed: not listed
  • kWh Charging Speed: 18.3
  • Links: Product Page, Company Home, Fact Sheet
  • Estimated Hardware Price: $N/A
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