ClipperCreek HCS-50

Built to serve the residential and commercial markets, the HCS-50 has ClipperCreek’s standard product features, including a 3-year warranty, a fully sealed, rugged NEMA 4 station enclosure, and 25 feet of charge cable. It also boasts additional features that make it unique in the high power EV charging station market. “We used rubber over-molding to fully seal the connector’s head and increase the durability. That’s critical in commercial and fleet environments. The rubber cable jacket increases low temperature flexibility of the cable, so it’s also a great station for colder climates,” said Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek.

“The HCS-50’s rugged design and ample 25 foot charging cable make it a perfect solution for fleet and commercial applications,” said ClipperCreek Sales Manager, Will Barrett. “The HCS-50 is a great addition to our product line. As battery range increases, the vehicle’s ability to accept power is increasing, too, and the HCS-50 offers users extra power to get their vehicles charged up and back on the road fast.”

The HCS-50P provides the maximum power available through a standard 240V, 50 amp outlet allowing users to utilize existing NEMA 50 amp outlets. With 40 amps available to the vehicle, the HCS-50 is able to deliver approximately 30 miles of range per hour of charge for vehicles capable of accepting high power level 2 charging.

  • Some features of the HCS-50 and HCS-50P include:
  • 25 feet of charging cable for installation and operations flexibility
  • Integrated cable wrap to make storing the cable simple and convenient
  • Wall mount holster allows storage of the vehicle connector where it’s most convenient
  • Fully sealed NEMA 4 rated enclosure for product durability and installation anywhere
  • High power charging cable is rubber overmolded for increased durability and superior cold performance
  • No assembly required
  • No mounting kit required
  • Safety listed by ETL and cETL
  • ClipperCreek customers are supported by a superb customer service team
  • Made in America
  • Plug Type: SAE J-1772
  • Charger Level: 2
  • Residential or Commercial: Residential
  • Cord Length (ft): 25
  • Max Amps: 60
  • UL Listed: listed
  • kWh Charging Speed: 14.4
  • Links: Purchase, Brochure
  • Estimated Hardware Price: $835
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