ClipperCreek CS-60

ClipperCreek, and its predecessor company, have a long history in the EV infrastructure industry. The CS line is ClipperCreek’s line of general purpose EVSE. Clipper Creek was the first company to get UL-listing for a charger with an SAE J1772 connector.

Units constantly check for the presence of a proper safety ground. According to ClipperCreek, a neutral supply wire is not required.

  • Plug Type: SAE J-1772
  • Charger Level: 2
  • Residential or Commercial: Commercial
  • Cord Length (ft): 25
  • Max Amps: 100
  • UL Listed: listed
  • kWh Charging Speed: 19.2
  • Links: Purchase, Brochure
  • Estimated Hardware Price: $1750
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