This unit is available in either a plug in model EL-50600 (240VAC input) or a permanent hardwired model. The same electronics are used in the pedestal model, EL-50650, and the wall model.

Unit is delivered with a max output current setting of 24A, but is field-adjustable to 32A. 32A setting requires upgraded cable, connector, and plug assembly.


  • Compliance: UL 2594, 2251, 1998, 2231-1&2, 62, SAE J1772, FCC Part 15, NEC 625
  • Enclosure: “Exceeds NEMA 4X Wet Location Rating” Indoor/Outdoor
  • Encapsulated circuits for harsh environment
  • Strain Safety: Cable is de-energized upon strain
  • Warranty: 3 year if installed by SPX-certified electrician, or 1 year if self installed
  • Future Smart Grid Expansion Capabilit
  • Display: Multiple color LED Status Indicators
  • User interface: Master Reset button


  • Cable holder available for separate purchase
  • Mounting: Wall, pedestal (EL-50650)

Vehicle Incompatibility:

Tom Saxton has reported problems trying to use this cordset to charge a Tesla Roadster.

A group of Plug In America drivers were unable to get this cordset to charge a BMW Active-E. The LEDs indicated a “Pilot Charging Error”.

This cordset will also only provide charging once per plug-in sequence. Hence, it may not work well with the certain vehicle charge timers (eg. a Nissan LEAF end-timer). This issue may have been resolved in more recent firmwares.

KeiJidosha at the MyHondaHondaFitEV forum reports that this unit fails to charge a Honda Fit EV. This issue may be resolved in newer versions.

Dave Atherton has reported that this unit fails to charge a new Rav4EV and that a firmware update is in the works.

  • Plug Type: SAE J-1772
  • Charger Level: 2
  • Residential or Commercial: Residential
  • Cord Length (ft): 18
  • Max Amps: 30
  • UL Listed: not listed
  • kWh Charging Speed: 7.2
  • Links: Spec Sheet, Product Home, Company Home
  • Estimated Hardware Price: $775
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