Celebrate one million EVs with our exclusive license plate frame
10.30.2018 - by Noah Barnes
Celebrate one million EVs with our exclusive license plate frame

For a limited time, Plug In America paid supporters can receive a special-edition license plate frame celebrating one million electric vehicles sold in the United States. This is a great way to let everyone know that EVs are here, they’re practical, and there are now more than a million on roads across America!

To get your commemorative license plate frame, make a one-time donation of at least $35 or recurring donation of at least $4/month and select the one million EVs license plate frame supporter benefit. Your gift will support Plug In America’s education and advocacy programs so we can reach two million EVs and beyond!

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2 comments on “Celebrate one million EVs with our exclusive license plate frame”
  1. Gordon h erickson says:

    Hi, I was in communication with Felix Cramer over 20 years ago when he was promoting the phev from his base in California. We kept in touch on email for several years.
    I am thrilled that it has finally come to the forefront. I have a 2017 prius prime advanced which I waited for abou 5 months for delivery on, but it was worth wait!
    I have 24500 miles on it and gets a computer readout mpg of 76 mpg average. My wife and I love to to use it every day for all electric drive short trips where no gasoline is consumed at all. Then when we take our long trips we still use some ev mode with the usual gasoline. The average mpg calculations are done continuously via the computer which is such a wonderful dashboard feature to have. I would like to keep in touch with further plug-in America and the all electric ones as well. Please email me any connections that would continue to trip my trigger, ok?
    I thank you for reading my email,

  2. Carherine Smith says:

    Is anyone making an EV with a range over 30o miles and rapid charging? If so, could you supply make and price? Is there a directory of installed charging stations?

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